“SIDS” Takes Infant’s Life Just 14 Hours After Vaccination

Infants who die directly following their vaccines is not a new trend; heartbreaking stories like the one to follow from Raina Day-Cruise have occurred since the inception of vaccines. Raina is an Australian mother of four, including Zyron, who was born eight weeks premature and died within 14 hours of his two month old vaccines. The cause of his death was listed as SIDS, but her motherly instincts first believed it was the vaccines — until the doctors and nurses ignored and dismissed Raina. Last year, in 2017, Raina discovered the vaccines caused her son’s death and that’s when she began to weave the pieces together and further investigate vaccines.

Raina vulnerably shares her painful experience below to offer encouragement for parents to do their research and for medical professionals to recognize that vaccine injury and death is not only real, it’s quite common. These perpetual vaccinantion tragedies are not to be dismissed or used to support the false illusion that vaccine injury and death cases are as rare and anecdotal as the medical industry and parrots of the pro-vaccination agenda claim. Instead of mothering her son, Zyron, Raina shared she “is left with a jar that sits in a glass cabinet with his photos and clothes in a box underneath and along side his father’s ashes.”

Raina Day-Cruise: My son Zyron would have been 15 years old this month. I wish I’d discovered the truth a long time ago. When I received my son’s coroner’s report last year, it concluded that Zyron died from Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy. They don’t know what caused it.. ….


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