Canada’s Residential Schools: A Genocide On Indigenous People? | Kevin Annett

Not sure what to call those who practice inhumanity… not sure they are human. Those who run the Church have been involved in many atrocities, ironically. During the time when I was practicing hypnotherapy, I had several clients who saw themselves in very sad and dangerous situations at the hands of nuns and monks; some were used sexually, others were killed at the hands of the “holy” Church people.

We sit down with author and researcher Kevin Annett to explore the recent discovery of mass graves at a residential school in Kamloops BC. Remains of 215 children were found, and the Canadian government continues to step around the question of genocide. The key thing to note here is, this is still happening today. If government withheld information on this, what else might they withhold on? Kevin’s website, books and more:

Gibraltar, Iceland See MASSIVE Covid Spike Despite Over 90% of Population Vaccinated

Stats coming out of several countries show vaccinated people are spreading Covid-19, as evidence mounts the vaccine is actually causing viral variants and infections as experts predicted.

In Gibraltar, a peninsula in Spain, almost 99% of the population is fully vaccinated – that’s according to info provided by Google.

Despite the high vaccination rate, Covid cases appear to be on the rise, increasing by 2,500 percent per day.

The data is consistent with stats seen in Israel which show the delta variant running rampant despite a majority of the population being fully vaccinated.

On Tuesday, it was reported by Israeli media that people who were already infected with Covid were 7 times less likely to be reinfected than those who were vaccinated, speaking to the power of natural immunity.

Likewise, in Iceland, an island where nearly the entire adult population is vaccinated, Covid cases are similarly on the rise.

“The country is a vaccinators’ paradise,” reported journalist Alex Berensen. “90% of people 40-70 and 98% (!) of those over 70 are fully vaccinated.”

On Tuesday, Iceland’s chief epidemiologist even suggested some COVID-19 lockdown restrictions could remain in place for up to 15 years.

Also on Thursday, Singapore emerged as yet another country where the vaccinated appear to be spreading Covid, with the government revealing that about three-quarters of new Covid-19 infections stemmed from vaccinated people.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, where the vaccination rate is hovering at a low 39 percent and the government is not enforcing face masks, there have been zero Covid deaths.

The evidence suggests the vaccine is actually spreading disease in more countries than just the United States.

With stats like these, it’s easy to see why so many would be hesitant, or outright refuse to take the experimental jab.

Mercola: Another Censored Covid Treatment: MATH+ Protocol


  • Early in the pandemic, five critical care physicians formed the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC), which developed the highly effective COVID-19 treatment protocol known as MATH+

  • MATH+ involves a combination of ivermectin, vitamin C, methylprednisolone, thiamine, vitamin D and other readily available substances to treat COVID-19

  • Other FLCCC protocols have been developed for COVID-19 prevention and early at-home treatment, as well as for long-haul symptoms

  • From March 20, 2021, to May 21, 2021, there were 1,293 hospitalized COVID-19 patients at United Memorial Medical Center. Eighty-six of them died, resulting in a 6.7% death rate; that’s about half the 12.5% death rate for hospitalized COVID-19 patients reported by the National Center for Health Statistics over the same period

  • One of the MATH+ creators, Dr. Joseph Varon, who leads the COVID-19 unit at United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in Houston, has been trying to get the word out about the success of MATH+, but has been censored by the media

  • The newest MATH+ protocol features ivermectin as a core drug and replaced hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with quercetin


Ehret: Eugenics, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Clash of Two Systems

Matt Ehret explains what caused the rise of the perversion of science known as “eugenics” as a new scientific religion in the 19th century.

Today’s world is gripped between two possible futures: on the one hand, a multipolar alliance in defense of sovereign nation states has organized itself around a paradigm of long-term thinking, scientific optimism and win-win cooperation, while a unipolar paradigm of world government, depopulation and zero-sum thinking pushes a program of Great Resets, controlled pandemics and war.

Gaining insight into these two opposing paradigms is more important now than ever before, and one important place to start is the disturbing mind of Great Reset Architects who are today pushing society into a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where it is believed that automation, and Artificial Intelligence will render most of humanity obsolete. As the World Economic Forum’s star philosopher Yuval Harari has repeatedly described this outlook: “Technology may disrupt human society and the very meaning of human life in numerous ways ranging from the creation of a global useless class to the rise of data colonialism and digital dictatorships”.

In the first article in this series, I reviewed the re-organization of the eugenics movement after WW2 as it followed Sir Julian Huxley’s demand that “the unthinkable be made, once again thinkable”.

In this second segment, we will leap back a little further in time to better understand what caused the rise of the perversion of science known as “eugenics” as a new scientific religion in the 19th century, before continuing with part three (From Russell to Wiener: The Rise of Cybernetics and Transhumanism).

The Closed System Assumptions of Social Darwinism

There are a few fundamental things that should be understood about the science of eugenics, otherwise known as “the science of cleansing the human gene pool of undesirable pollution” which emerged at the end of the 19th century.

This “science” grew out of the application of Darwin’s theories of natural selection and “survival of the fittest” to human society’s weeding out of the unfit and was premised on certain fundamental assumptions, not the least of which included: 1) that humanity is a system entirely shaped by material forces of environmental constraints and genetics, 2) that this system was fundamentally closed and hence entropic (subject to immutable laws of diminishing returns guided by an inevitable heat death), 3) that the creative force of genetic mutations guiding the appearance of new biological mechanisms was fundamentally random and 4) that this randomness could only be overcome by the rise of a new era of social engineers managing humanity on all levels-economic, psychological, cultural and even genetic.

Imagining the future age when the science of eugenics would replace world religions, the school’s founder Sir Francis Galton (cousin to Charles Darwin) mused in 1905: “It is easy to let the imagination run wild on the supposition of a whole-hearted acceptance of eugenics as a national religion”.

The Late 19th Century: A Clash of Two Systems

The paradigm shifting breakthroughs made in science and statecraft by the end of the 19th century resulted in a new petro-chemical/electronic age. New discoveries in atomic physics made by Beckerel, Roentgen, Curie, Rutherford, Planck and Einstein were additionally changing humanity’s idea of space, time, energy and matter. The practical application of these discoveries in the form of scientific and technological progress at the service of humanity was quickly destroying the foundations of Thomas Malthus’s supposed “laws of population” which assumed that human invention could never outpace nature’s limits always requiring a “scientific priesthood” to control population growth from above the control of nations.

Despite the fact that a genuine hope for a new age of discovery and progress was becoming realized, something darker was at play.

It was at this time that leading forces representing the British Empire were busy trying to resolve an existential challenge: National Sovereignty had proven itself much stronger than anticipated by the financier oligarchy centered in London and something new was emerging that could possibly undermine systems of Hobbesian “zero-sum” geopolitics forever.

The preservation of the union largely thanks to a strategic Russia-U.S. alliance resulted in a major defeat for British forces both in the City of London as well as Wall Street, the slaveocracy of the South and British Canada. A new global system was quickly emerging as Lincoln-admiring statesmen quickly adopted the “American System of Political Economy” to liberate their nations from the manipulation of the Empire. Where the American System was a fundamentally open system- premised as it was upon unbounded technological progress and the subservience of money to national sovereignty, the British system was fundamentally closed, premised on the worship and control of money by private financiers, debt slavery and speculation. Where one focused on production, the other only parasitically looted.

Henry C Carey (leading economic advisor to Abraham Lincoln) had made this dichotomy explicit as he foresaw the global nature of the oncoming U.S. Civil War elaborated in his 1852 Harmony of Interests:

“Two systems are before the world; the one looks to increasing the proportion of persons and of capital engaged in trade and transportation, and therefore to diminishing the proportion engaged in producing commodities with which to trade, with necessarily diminished return to the labor of all; while the other looks to increasing the proportion engaged in the work of production, and diminishing that engaged in trade and transportation, with increased return to all, giving to the laborer good wages, and to the owner of capital good profits… One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other in increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization. One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace. One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world.”

In 1872, Carey was busy directing an international array of economists around the globe who were assisting dozens of governments in the implementation of this system when he wrote an anti-Malthusian economic treatise called Unity of Law. It was here that the great economist fully laid out his comprehensive theory of economic science as a non-zero sum system of cooperation and creative growth among great cultures:

“The great nations of the earth should each and all profit by development of the powers, mental, and physical, of each and every other; each and all growing in power for self-direction as each and every other more and more obtains power for controlling and directing the great natural forces; the harmony of all international interests being as perfect and complete as we know to be that of the individuals of which nations are composed.”

By 1890, Carey’s optimistic vision of a new epoch for civilization was beautifully expressed by Colorado’s first Governor, and Lincoln’s former bodyguard William Gilpin whose 1890 Cosmopolitan Railway featured in-depth studies of rail projects uniting all parts of the world together under a new culture of scientific and technological progress for all. Gilpin was explicit that this system would be funded by national banks generating long term productive credit, protectionism and universal education for the good of each and all.

Gilpin wrote of this future post-colonial world:

“The weapons of mutual slaughter are hurled away; the sanguinary passions find a check, a majority of the human family is found to accept the essential teachings of Christianity IN PRACTICE… Room is discovered for industrial virtue and industrial power. The civilized masses of the world meet; they are mutually enlightened, and fraternize to reconstitute human relations in harmony with nature and with God. The world ceases to be a military camp, incubated only by the military principles of arbitrary force and abject submission. A new and grand order in human affairs inaugurates itself out of these immense concurrent discoveries and events”

The Empire Strikes Back

Empires never disappear without a fight, and the British Empire was no exception. Before the British-orchestrated Civil War in the USA was finished, a new imperial grand strategy was reformulated in the ideological nerve center of Cambridge and the Royal Society.

Out of these networks came a new breed of imperial management under the form of Huxley’s X Club (c.1865) led by a young talented misanthrope named Thomas Huxley (aka: ‘Darwin’s Bull Dog”) who was tasked with formulating a new grand strategy for the preservation of the empire.

Knowing that the most important level of warfare is found in the scientific conceptions held by society (since our standard for political self-regulation is ultimately founded upon and informed by standards and laws found in nature), Huxley’s X Club aimed at uniting all major branches of physics, biology, economics and sociology under a singular coherent interpretation based on gradualist, descriptive, reductionist science. This would be a new unified, internally consistent science that would iron out the evidence of all creative leaps which shape all of living and non-living nature. This group realized that if nature could be modelled as a closed, decaying and random process then it would also be devoid of any actual notion of principle, justice, or morality. This would be a conception of nature which empires could forever justify the exploitation of their victims.

Although Malthus’s theories (and their economic corollaries in the works of Mill, Smith and Ricardo) had formerly done the job of “scientifically justifying” the empire, something more sophisticated was needed as the world was quickly seeing through the fraud as Carey demonstrated in his widely read “Unity of Law” (1872):

“Mr. Malthus was led to invent a law of population by means of which to relieve the rich and powerful from all responsibility for the existing state of things; giving them assurance that the poverty and wretchedness by which they were everywhere surrounded had resulted from the fact that the Creator had sent upon the earth large numbers of people for whom He had provided no table at which they might be allowed to eat, no materials by aid of which they might be clothed; thus furnishing the theory by aid of which subsequent writers have been enabled, as they supposed, to prove that, in the British Islands, man had become ‘a drug’ and ‘population a nuisance’.”

To put the new imperial grand strategy into motion, two new think tanks were soon brought online.

The first of the two was called the Fabian Society created in 1884 by a nest of eugenics-loving intellectuals led by Sidney and Beatrice Webb alongside “slaughter useless eaters” George Bernard Shaw. Soon the group attracted leading imperial luminaries to its fold including Thomas Huxley’s student H.G. Wells, Lord Halford Mackinder, John Maynard Keynes and Lord Bertrand Russell. The group soon established a school from which to indoctrinate talented young members of the global elite named the London School of Economics.

In 1902, a second think tank called the Round Table Group was established in Oxford under the control of “race patriots” George Parkin and Lord Alfred Milner. Soon branches of “Roundtables” across all Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth were created as outlined by Professor Carrol Quigley’s post-humously published Anglo-American Establishment. The funding for this group was paid for by the fortunes of racist diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes and its mandate was illustrated in Rhodes’ 1877 will:

“Let us form the same kind of society, a Church for the extension of the British Empire. A society which should have its members in every part of the British Empire working with one object and one idea we should have its members placed at our universities and our schools and should watch the English youth passing through their hands just one perhaps in every thousand would have the mind and feelings for such an object, he should be tried in every way, he should be tested whether he is endurant, possessed of eloquence, disregardful of the petty details of life, and if found to be such, then elected and bound by oath to serve for the rest of his life in his Country. He should then be supported if without means by the Society and sent to that part of the Empire where it was felt he was needed.”

…. more at:

The Deep State is the Skeletal Hand of the British Empire

UK: DHS nurses demand to covid-test newborn baby

As a typical false flag tactic, imposed stress is a key component of the obstetrical business, which necessitates “heroic” measures by “professionals” to save mother and baby from their defective design.

The vitamin D issue is probably a major risk factor for difficult births in the UK:

Nigeria: Seasonal Variation in Preeclampsia and Cesarean delivery in a tropical rainforest belt

WTF they’re teaching about birth in medical school

Where it all starts: False Flag Obstetrics and Disaster Capitalism


Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines

Australians who merely post anti-lockdown information online could face fines of up to $11,000 under a draconian new piece of legislation.

Under the proposal, which is being pushed by the opposition in in New South Wales, protest organizers would be fined a whopping $20,000 and people who attend would be fined $5,500.

However, the law would punish “people sharing information on social media about illegal rallies and inciting others to illegally attend” even more harshly, hitting them with $11,000 fines.

The onerous fines are intended to neutralize a protest movement that has grown in recent weeks over New South Wales imposing yet another brutal lockdown on its citizens, which is now being enforced by military occupation of Sydney.

Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord said the massive fines were needed to “throw the book at these idiots who spread misinformation and lies along with the Delta variant.”

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller warned of “online chatter” about a possible second protest this Saturday, using rhetoric that is usually reserved for terrorists planning a deadly attack.

Fines for not wearing masks, which are now compulsory even outdoors, are also set to rise to $500.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott even bragged about how many calls – a total of over 15,000 – had been received from people reporting on others for attending “illegal” protests.

“The 15,000 calls to Crime Stoppers is a clear message to the government that the community expects action,” said Elliott.

As we previously highlighted, Australians have been placed under one of the most authoritarian lockdowns out of any major developed country.

A pregnant woman was arrested in her own home for planning an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook, while the state also gave itself the power to seize children from their parents and enter homes without a warrant under COVID-19 rules.

The chief health officer of New South Wales even went so far as to tell Australians that they shouldn’t “engage in conversation with each other,” even if they’re wearing masks, in order to reduce the transmission of COVID.

Australian MP Frank Pangallo also recently asserted that unvaccinated people “will need to be controlled and restricted” by authorities.

Just remember, this is a health emergency, not a blitzkrieg  by a hostile foreign power.

CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Can Spread Delta, Should Wear Masks

  • The CDC updated its guidelines on Tuesday to recommend masks indoors, even for vaccinated people.
  • The Delta variant makes it easier for vaccinated people to transmit the virus, the CDC said.
  • But vaccines remain highly effective at preventing severe disease, no matter the variant.

New science has again prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to update its mask guidelines. The CDC recommended on Tuesday that fully vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings “in areas with substantial and high transmission.” That includes a large swath of the US right now, including the vast majority of counties in the South.

The CDC recommended that all teachers, staff, students, and visitors at K-12 schools mask up as well.

The goal of these new guidelines, CDC director Rochelle Walensky said, is to “help prevent the spread of the Delta variant and protect others.”

The CDC said in May that vaccinated people don’t need masks, a recommendation based partly on data indicating that vaccinated people were less likely to transmit the virus to others. But the Delta variant — now the dominant strain in the US — behaves differently than previous versions of the virus, Walensky said….

The new variant has a special kind of spike protein:  it’s a hollow stainless steel needle.   A very clever bug indeed, but we have a foolproof prevention for it.   But it does require that you’re not a fool.

Haitians Reject CIA Calls For U.S. Military Intervention

U.S. media has called for a U.S. military intervention in Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. MintPress News spoke to Haitians to ask them what they think about a possible fourth U.S. military invasion of Haiti since 1915.


Two weeks after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, the specter of U.S. military intervention looms large over the island nation. While the Biden administration has rebuffed a request for intervention made by Claude Joseph – a longtime NED asset whom Washington briefly backed as prime minister in the immediate aftermath of the killing – it has not completely ruled out the possibility.

​In the days immediately following Moïse’s grisly machine-gun murder on July 7 by U.S.-trained Colombian mercenaries, the Washington Post editorial board published a call for a “swift and muscular intervention” — what would be the fourth U.S. military invasion of Haiti since 1915, when U.S. Marines first occupied the hemisphere’s second independent nation….

On July 13, as the Biden administration signaled its reluctance to launch a full-scale invasion of Haiti, the Post editorial board published a second call for U.S. military intervention, suggesting that it was the least bad option….

The same day, Post columnist and neoconservative writer Max Boot published an op-ed asserting that Haitians actually desire a U.S. invasion, entitled “Sorry, Haiti. The world’s policeman is officially off duty.”…

Even the ostensibly progressive lawmaker Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) refused to take a clear position against an intervention, saying that she opposed it “right now” and “without any sort of plan.”…

While the Washington consensus is firmly in support of U.S. military deployment in Haiti, MintPress News traveled to Port-au-Prince to ask random Haitians in the street what they thought of a possible intervention.

​“We don’t want a military intervention,” Adrien Willien told MintPress. “We are for Haitians putting their heads together.”

​“We don’t want any foreign intervention to come resolve our problems for us,” echoed Ernst C. Denoir. “On the contrary, that would be pouring gas on the fire, making the situation worse.”

Contrary to the claims of self-appointed spokesman for the Haitain people Max Boot and his fellow neoconservative ideologues at The Washington Post, not a single Haitian with whom MintPress News spoke agreed. In fact, many were outraged at the suggestion and hold the United States responsible for the current violence and dysfunction plaguing Haiti.

“The insecurity you see here is programmed by the oligarchy and the imperialists,” thundered Denoir.

Meanwhile, thousands of Haitians turned out on Friday, July 23 for Moïse’s state funeral in Cap Haïtien, the capital of the northern department where he was raised. Many hurled curses at the U.S. delegation — which included U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Michele Sison, and was headed by U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield — as it approached the funeral’s stage. The U.S. delegation fled the ceremony before it was over, when police fired warning shots and tear-gas to repel angry crowds wanting to enter the ceremony or stop it until the intellectual authors of the assassination are found.

​Despite its claims to have no plans “for now” to invade Haiti, the U.S. has appointed a Special Envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, and will begin advising the Haitian National Police (PNH) in “anti-gang fighting,” Haitilibre reported July 24.

​U.S. troops, backed by those from France and Canada, last invaded Haiti immediately following the February 29, 2004 coup d’état against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. As was done after their 1994 intervention, they handed the ensuing military occupation of Haiti over to a United Nations “peace-keeping” force after three months. UN forces occupied Haiti for the next 15 years.

​The troop deployment violated Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which specifies that the Security Council can use force only “to maintain or restore international peace and security” (i.e., in a conflict between two states), not to meddle in an internal political conflict. The Haitian Constitution also forbids foreign troops on Haitian soil.

​The 2004 intervention began on February 28 when a SEAL team, led by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Louis Moreno, surrounded Aristide’s home, then threatened and browbeat the president into boarding an unmarked jet, which whisked him away to Africa. Aristide later called the abduction a “modern kidnapping.”

​“We remember that the U.S. came and took our charismatic leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide,” in 2004, recalled Willien. “That coup d’état is the cause of the state we are in today.”..

Coincidence: 3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries

Two South Florida Men Among Suspects Arrested In Assassination Of Haitian President

Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by U.S., Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy