Virus Software Pioneer,  Critic of ‘Deep State’, Dead from Apparent ‘Suicide’

A week ago, I had eight chickens. Then came the raccoons (two big fat silver ones and a small dark one). Chicken population reduced by three and so I had five. Two days ago, I saw a raccoon race across my front lawn, toward the neighbors’ house – they have lost chickens too. Yesterday I saw a black cat watching my chickens from a perch above the chicken coop. When I finally caught them and got them into the coop, I could hear them fighting with each other – probably for who got the highest spot on the roost. They do that, you know.

Today I saw a calico cat sneak across the front walk. I’ve never seen cats here before this week. When I went to the chicken yard, the five chicks were all huddled together. Later tonight was the first time I didn’t have to chase them and catch them and put them into their coop… they were already on their roosts before I even opened the back door.

These are dangerous times, folks. It behooves us to hunker down together, even if we would rather have nothing to do with each other. I guess it’s an invitation for us to evolve into the loving, caring, cooperative, forgiving, non-judgmental beings we always wanted to be. I hope, I hope, I hope I can learn these lessons well.

Bless John McAffee, even if someone keeps sending out spoof emails claiming to be from his company… have you noticed that?

On Wednesday, it was reported that John McAfee, the famed anti-virus software pioneer, was proclaimed dead accoridng to Spanish news reports, as he has been jailed in the country following alleged tax evasion.

McAfee has been critical of the “Deep State.” He has previously said, “The Deep State is those people within the U.S. government that are career employees who cannot be fired by people who we elect by the Congress or the President. There are the FCC, the CIA, the Currency Exchange Commission, the IRS. Are these people in control? Can they enact laws? F**k yes! They’re called regulations. For every law that Congress passes and we elect Congress to pass — our laws — there are 20 regulations enacted by federal agencies that have far more impact on our lives than anything Congress can possibly pass.

Is there a Deep State? Yes! Can we fire these people? No! Can presidents fire them? No! It’s designed that way so that political parties and political interests cannot affect the Deep State. Do you understand the nightmare of our situation? I’m sorry, it’s not secret. It’s as open as anything could be. In the past, since 1975, 200,000 regulations have been passed by federal agencies encompassing 800,000 pages of fine print. People: it is no secret. It is as open as it can be. The Deep State does control America. Wake up, people.”

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