Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Vaccine Coverup

The recognition of disaster capitalism as the primary economic and social force in recent human history is like the discovery of the neutrino or the hypothesis of dark matter. In most contexts it’s invisible, yet otherwise-inexplicable evidence and plausible mechanisms of action necessitate its existence even before its direct detection.

To me the behavior of the medical establishment towards children in numerous areas, and the plausible harvesting of  massive profit and the wholesale social control that it implies, practically necessitate the existence of a cohesive network of psychopath physicians acting in an organized manner at the top levels of medical authority.  The social mechanisms of secret societies and blackmail provide a plausible framework for how this network could operate and perpetuate itself, but the “coming out” of the ancient religion of satanism via survivors and whistleblowers, and the establishment’s growing normalization of pedophilia clinches the argument for me. The hidden hand is not so hidden any more.

In the anti-universe of satanism, the concepts of meritocracy and authority are turned on their heads.   Parasitism, predation, betrayal  and  degradation are vastly rewarded in proportion to their toxicity.   But it cannot survive exposure because it requires mass gullibility and denial to maintain a steady harvest of victims.    Predictably, children will continue to be first in line to the sacrificial altar.

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The roots of satanism in child abuse

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