Rhodes College announces plan to profile and discriminate against unvaccinated students, fine them $3,000 per year

(Natural News) Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee just released a new policy of segregation for the Fall 2021 semester. Rhodes College will violate the medical privacy of their students and require each individual to show digital proof that they were inoculated by an emergency use authorization (EUA) covid vaccine. If a student fails to comply, they will be profiled as an “unvaccinated student” and fined $1,500 per semester. Moreover, the “unvaccinated student” will be subject to “mandatory testing” in the form of weekly DNA swabs and may be forced into intermittent ten-day isolation if they refuse to submit to the forced medical experiment.

University’s forced medical experimentation takes segregation to a new level

According to the school’s new policy of segregation, the unvaccinated student can be held down for ten days at a time, stripped of their due process rights, and determined to be guilty of infection at all times. The student will be isolated on the basis of a fraudulently-calibrated PCR test that cannot determine non-infectious viral debris from an actual infection. The policy promises to abuse the “unvaccinated student” further and deprive them of their right to move about freely, associate with others and breathe unhindered.

The policy also states that the university can use these “mandatory tests” to generate more restrictions on unvaccinated students as a whole. If the tests reach a certain positivity rate (predetermined by the university), the unvaccinated students can be segregated further, and may “not be permitted to participate in certain campus events and activities including Athletics, clubs and intramurals, and student organizations.”…


And no doubt some students will surrender because, after all, the establishment wouldn’t betray them and destroy their lives would it?   They’re american citizens after all.   They have rights.   It says so in their textbooks.

This is slavery.

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