Phelan: Why Is The Official Narrative About The Origins Of Covid Suddenly Changing?

Recently, the official narrative concerning the origins of the Covid pandemic underwent an abrupt change. The social media giants stopped automatically censoring stories pointing to the lab in Wuhan as a possible ground zero for the virus, as President Biden ordered an intelligence investigation into the possibility of the virus coming from what is being termed “a lab leak.”

At the same time, revelations appeared in the mainstream press, after months of such stories circulating in independent media, stating that Dr. Anthony Fauci had funded gain of function research in the Wuhan lab, contrary to his public assertions. Fauci’s emails, which ramp up further concern as to the veracity of his public statements about the genesis of the virus and any potential personal involvement with the Wuhan lab, were FOIAed by Buzzfeed and circulated widely.

This article intends to focus in on the reasons for the shift in the narrative and what it may portend.

When one narrative appears to be failing, very often another will take its place. However, it is possible that Narrative One and Narrative Two both have fatal flaws, which serve to protect an ongoing and underlying agenda.

The official story about someone eating a sick bat in a food market in Wuhan China and thus jump-starting the worldwide so-called pandemic has come under considerable scrutiny. Scientists of the level of Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier have appeared on mainstream media challenging the veracity of this narrative, stating instead that the virus appears to be bioengineered.

Not only is the sick bat story under scrutiny but the solution offered by the powers-that-be, universal vaccination, has also resulted in considerable non-compliance. Only 43% of the American population has been fully vaccinated as of June 15th. Israel has vaccinated 63% of its population while Germany lags significantly behind, with 48% vaccinated. Netherlands and Spain are both slightly shy of a total of 45% of their populations fully vaccinated.

Noting the general reluctance to follow the Pied Piper on this one, Bill Gates expressed bewilderment at the lackadaisical response to his vaccine insistence and “says he has been taken aback by the volume of ‘crazy’ and ‘evil’ conspiracy theories about him spreading on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Enter Narrative Two—The Wuhan Lab suffered a Leak

As suggested in a recent article by Dr. Daniel Gerstein, formerly of the Department of Homeland Security and currently with the Rand Corporation, we should avoid a binary, either/or choice as to the origins of the virus. Unfortunately, in his recent article in National Interest, Gerstein only develops the binary choices and fails to consider the elephant in the room, that the virus was repurposed and intentionally released….

In offering these scenarios, Gerstein daintily sidesteps the prospect of an intentional release.

Dr. Daniel Gerstein first came to the attention of this reporter in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011 at the Biological Weapons Convention at the United Nations, where his attempts to persuade the delegates at a side event, hosted by the US, that the US had robust biological weapons laws involved some studied duplicity on his part. Gerstein presented to those attending the side event an older, replaced piece of legislation and neglected to inform his audience as to the real governing law, Section 817 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which gives the US immunity from violating its own bioweapons laws. Equally, Gerstein responded to a question concerning the possibility that biological weapons were stored at a military base in Northern California by denying the existence of the base, which is Sierra Army Depot.

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