More predictive Programming: Sterilizing Vaccine in Stargate Episode

From a reader (does anyone read this blog?).   Thanks Ben!!!

Here’s another one for your list, besides Utopia and “Conspiracy Theory“. Stargate SG-1 Season 5 episode 10 “2001” from August 2001.

‘Shortly after the Aschen arrived, there was a flu pandemic. The Aschen distributed a vaccine that saved them — but it apparently had a side effect. “Vaccine causes sterility.”‘

‘As Daniel points out, the Volians went from a thriving metropolis of millions to an agrarian civilization of thousands — after the Aschen supposedly saved them.’

They do the same to Earth by giving them an anti-aging vaccine. Humans learn it causes sterility too late. SG1 have to time-travel to undo the plot.

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