Fundraising: Unvaccinated Children Documentary Project

My next big project, and it is a BIG PROJECT, is to create an unvaccinated children documentary. If you do not know, I worked in the video / film industry for twenty years, I am also a photographer, and I also launched, published and sold two natural living magazines. I plan to use all of my skill sets to create a documentary AND docuseries devoted to showcasing milestone busting super healthy unvaccinated children along with how and why to raise them 100% vaccine free.

I have the project mapped out and I’ve talked with numerous people who want to help me with it. The project excites me. And, since I can no longer post on major social media, I now have the time to take on such a time intensive big project.

Projects like these cost money. For website design and branding, graphic design, hiring film crew, video editing, and the list goes on.

Although I own most of the equipment needed to produce professional video, there are still expenses involved.

I expect this project to cost at least $25,000.

If you appreciate this idea and project and have the resource, your contribution (big or small) would be most appreciated!

Larry Cook
Stop Mandatory Vaccination
Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass
The Vaccine Free Child

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