Digital ID and the Great Reset Exposed

Alison McDowell is a mother and an independent researcher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She blogs at the intersection of race, finance, and technology at

What began as an effort to slow the privatization of public education in her city evolved into an investigation of globalized poverty management, euphemistically known as social impact investing. After spending several years researching predatory educational-technologies, Alison began to dig into a new form of capitalism – biocapitalism or stakeholder capitalism, where humans are transformed into data commodities.

⚠️ You’ll Learn:

– How healthcare and education are being weaponized
– Why we MUST reject all forms of digital identity pushed by the “elite”
– Why the health community has to look BEYOND the inject!ons
– Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution or “Great Reset” must be stopped
– How Silicon Valley and the “Elite” are converting the poor into profitable commodities
– The looming danger of stakeholder capitalism a.k.a. poverty management capitalism
– How the contact tracing, j@bs, cloud computing, blockchain and smart cities tie in together
– How the Technocrats are harvesting our children’s biometric and behavioural data through virtual reality tech
– Why Disney & UNICEF don’t want children to grow up in the natural/real world
– How doctors are being set up as the new jailers under the New Normal

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