Children As Young As Five At Risk of Suicide And Self-Harm Amid Excessive Lockdowns

Children as young as five are seeking help from self-harm and suicidal concerns amid excessive lockdown measures in Victoria, Australia, new data from the Kids Helpline reveals.

According to the Financial Review: “Emergency interventions to protect young people in Victoria from suicide and child abuse have skyrocketed by 184 per cent over the past six months, as the state grapples with the mental health consequences of repeated C0VID-19 lockdowns.”

Teenagers are said to be the most at risk, with youth aged 13-18 accounting for 75 per cent of the total crisis interventions from December 1, 2020, to May 31, 2021, the data revealed.

Sky News Australia noted the concerning reports that “Victorian schools are dealing with an unprecedented surge in both self-harm and suicide attempts.”

Adding, “It’s across the board from prep right through to Year 12 both in regions and in the cities.”

The Herald Sun reports, Kids Helpline “received 13,000 suicide-related contacts in 2020, with 1150 callers presenting with an immediate suicide issue. More than one-third of contacts requiring intervention from emergency services involved suicide.”

Tony Fitzgerald, Kids Helpline virtual services manager told the Herald Sun, calls have soared during the pandemic, and the demand has continued throughout 2021.

“There are long-term effects from last year,” he said, “even with the youngest kids who are struggling to cope with their anxiety on top of everyday pressures.”…

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