Alex Jones Reports from the Border on Biden’s Human Trafficking Operation

Alex Jones and his team expose Biden’s human trafficking and child smuggling operation from America’s southern border in Texas.

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Watch Infowars’ raw video of illegal aliens being smuggled by private security under the direction of the Biden-controlled Border Patrol.

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As soon as Infowars founder Alex Jones and crew arrived to the Texas southern border, they spotted a large group of illegal immigrants being smuggled into America.

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World Economic Forum Pledges to Censor ‘Health Misinformation’ and ‘Anti-Vaccine Content’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has formed a new coalition of Big Tech executives and government officials to come up with new “innovations” to police “harmful content and conduct online.”

The newly-formed group, called the Global Coalition for Digital Safety, is comprised of government regulators from numerous countries – most notably Australia and the UK – an executive from Microsoft, and the founder of an AI-powered content moderation filter platform called Two Hat Security.

“The World Economic Forum is uniquely positioned to accelerate the public-private collaboration needed to advance digital safety globally, Microsoft is eager to participate and help build whole-of-society solutions to this whole-of-society problem,” said Microsoft’s Chief Digital Safety Officer Courtney Gregoire.

A June article by the WEF called “Why we need a global framework to regulate harm online,” explains how it intends to target and eliminate “harmful content,” including “health misinformation” and “anti-vaccine content.”

From the WEF article:

In collaboration with over 50 experts across government, civil society, academia, and business, the World Economic Forum has developed a user-centric framework, outlined in the new report with minimum harm thresholds, auditable recommendation systems, appropriate use of personal details, and adequate complaint protocols to create a safety baseline for use of digital products and services. …

One main challenge to online safety is the proliferation of health misinformation, particularly when it comes to vaccines. Research has shown that a small number of influential people are responsible for the bulk of anti-vaccination content on social platforms. This content seems to be reaching a wide audience.

The WEF even noted the effectiveness of prominent health safety advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as justification for more online censorship related to COVID-19 vaccine risks and side effects.

“This past year, Facebook and other platforms made a call to place an outright ban on misinformation about vaccines and has been racing to keep up with enforcing its policies, as is YouTube,” the globalist body wrote.

“Cases like that of Robert F Kennedy Junior, a prominent anti-vaccine campaigner, who has been banned from Instagram but is still allowed to remain on Facebook and Twitter highlight the continued issue. Particularly troubling for some critics is his targeting of ethnic minority communities to sew distrust in health authorities.”

The WEF further outlined its “framework” for future censorship practices in its new report “Advancing Digital Safety: A Framework to Align Global Action.”

Vladimir Putin Gardening In the Eastern Mediterranean

When you imagine Russia’s Vladimir Putin, do you get a vision of a tougher and older Edward Scissorhands? Neither do I, but apparently western policy advisers see Russia’s president as some kind of mad gardener hell-bent on trimming world powers to his liking. The latest example being a Carnegie Endowment storytelling how Russia is the weed killer preventing NATO blossoming. No, I am not kidding.

Paul Stonski, the former senior analyst for the US State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, says the garden shear-wielding Russian leader is out to cut NATO off at its roots. Which if you think about it, is both true and a good thing. But like all western security analysts, the narrative is always about job security.

This story, entitled “A Difficult Balancing Act: Russia’s Role in the Eastern Mediterranean,” would be brilliant if everyone on Earth were dumb as a rock. The author runs with his Eurasian analytical bone until, at a point, he looks down to see a Russian dog grasping the same bone in its teeth. Sorry for the metaphors, but western think tanks always end up blaming Russia and Putin for exactly what the elite world order in the west is doing. Expanding and growing geographically. This is why there’s always a reference to Putin reclaiming the Soviet Union. It’s because the geopolitical zombies in Washington think this way. Surely, Putin wants what we want, right? …

This is the tragedy of echo chambers and the self-organizing dynamic of “national security” and organized crime.   Any impediment to growth is a threat to survival because the system is so wasteful that homeostasis is impossible.

Nigeria: Seasonal Variation in Preeclampsia and Cesarean delivery in a tropical rainforest belt

This is getting monotonous.  Am I really the only blogger to notice this pattern?   How much are they paying medical researchers to ignore this?


Background: The pathogenesis of preeclampsia is poorly understood and recent evidence suggests that the incidence varies depending upon the season.

Aim: This study was carried out to determine whether there is a seasonal variation in the presentation of preeclamptics undergoing cesarean delivery in a tropical rainforest belt.

Setting: A university teaching hospital.

Study design: Retrospective.

Materials and methods: The hospital records of consecutive patients (July 1996-June 2006) with preeclampsia, who underwent cesarean delivery in a tertiary care centre, were reviewed. Data collected included patient demographics, total number of deliveries, number of cesarean deliveries, and number of preeclampsia patients and time of presentation for cesarean section. Approval of the local ethical committee was obtained.

Statistical analysis: The EPI info software program was used for statistical analysis.

Results: A total of 6798 deliveries were recorded during the study period resulting in 6485 live births. There were 1579 cesarean deliveries during the period. Of these, 196 patients had toxemia of pregnancy (166 with preeclampsia and 30 with eclampsia). One hundred and forty-one patients (9% of cesarean deliveries) had cesarean delivery during the rainy season and 55 (3.5%) during the dry season (P < 0.05). Amongst preeclampsia patients, 115 presented (7%) during the rainy season and 51 (3.2%) during the dry season (P < 0.05). In the eclampsia group, 26 (1.65% of cesarean sections) presented during the rainy season and four (0.25%) during the dry season (P < 0.05).

Conclusions: There was a seasonal variation in the cesarean delivery required for preeclampsia/eclampsia patients. This may help in counseling women on when to plan their pregnancy in order to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this apparent seasonal disease.

Dry season vs rainy season.   Blue sky vs clouds.

Hint: I’m not giving this hint again.   Pay attention.   Follow the links and the logic.  This is not rocket science.

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

Cesarean depopulation by race in the USA 1997-2020

Reminder: HCQ factory explosion

: An explosion at a pharmaceutical factory in Taoyuan City left two injured and caused a fire early this afternoon, December 20.

People as far as Tamsui District in New Taipei City reported hearing the massive blast shortly after noon. Immediately after the blast, thick black smoke could be seen pouring out of the SCI Pharmtech factory.

Firefighters responding to the fire found two people injured. A 30-year-old foreign migrant worker suffered third-degree burns to 80%-90% of his body, and is described as being in a critical condition.

A 40-year-old man suffered a burn to one hand. Both men were sent to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for treatment.

While the factory is located close to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, operations at the airport were not affected, according to reports in United Daily News and ET Today.

The Taoyuan City Fire Department dispatched 76 personnel, 28 fire appliances and 2 ambulances to the scene of the fire.

The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation.

Liberty Times reported that the factory produces hydroxychloroquine APIs, and is the world’s second largest HCQ raw material supplier.

Luckily we don’t have to consider the possibility that this was in any way related to our owners’ suppression of HCQ and ivermectin for their covid invention.   Unless we insist on living in the real world.

The Deep State and The Fourth Estate: Spies in Our Media

Our security services now appear so bold and confident that they openly do what was once only done in secret, including influencing and controlling so much of our mainstream, corporate media. Alan Macleod discusses his investigation into Reddit Director of Policy Jessica Ashooh and her connections to the deep state.

Independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone recently wrote that our security services now appear so bold and confident that they openly do what was once only done in secret, including influencing and controlling so much of our mainstream, corporate media.

In recent years, the big networks have hired a wide range of “former” agency veterans and officers, supposedly to give independent and expert commentary and analysis on all matters national security. These have included former CIA Directors John Brennan (NBCMSNBC) and Michael Hayden (CNN), ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (CNN), and former Homeland Security Advisor Frances Townsend (CBS).

News for so many Americans comes delivered through ex-CIA interns like Anderson Cooper (CNN), CIA-applicants like Tucker Carlson (Fox), or by the daughter of a powerful national security advisor, Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC).


Forty-four years ago, acclaimed journalist Carl Bernstein exposed how the CIA had planted more than 400 operatives into newsrooms across America, where they posed as journalists but were actually laundering national security state talking points. Today, there are increasing signs that the so-called “deep state” is attempting to do the same thing to social media.

In 2017, popular social media site Reddit made a particularly eyebrow-raising decision to hire Jessica Ashooh, a hawkish foreign-policy expert from the Atlantic Council, NATO’s semi-official think tank, as its director of policy, though Ashooh had no relevant experience running a social media company. Yet the hire was completely ignored by corporate media. Also ignored was the unmasking of a senior Twitter executive as an active duty member of the British Army’s 77th Brigade, its unit dedicated to online warfare and psychological operations.

The Atlantic Council also has deep ties with Facebook, its Digital Forensics Lab partnering with the Silicon Valley giant to help curate news feeds for its 2.8 billion global users. Earlier this year, Facebook also hired NATO’s former press officer as its intelligence chief, further cementing the relationship between the deep state and the fourth estate.

Our guest today has been cataloging these worrying connections in a series of articles for MintPress.

Trump Rally Cancelled Just Days Before Event — After He Was Invited as Guest Speaker

A speech by President Trump at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was nixed on Tuesday after park commissioners said no partisan events are allowed in the park.

The commissioners made the announcement just 5 days prior to the speech.

They asked Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall his opinion on the event over a month ago. Marshall wrote his response on June 16th. The letter to Marshall from the commission was not received by him until June 14th.

The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park Commission Chairman is Bill Tunnell who said he nixed the event when Trump was invited to be the guest speaker.

TRENDING: President Trump’s Alabama Rally Cancelled Just Days Before His July 3rd Speech — Park Commissioner Cancels the Event After 45th President Was Invited as Guest Speaker

NBC 15 reported:

NBC 15 News has learned an event featuring former President Donald Trump as the keynote speaker that was being planned for this Saturday at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was nixed after park commissioners became wary.

“After the request was made, then there was contact with the Republican Party, they contacted us and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening,” commission chairman Bill Tunnell.

Tunnell says commissioners sought an opinion from the attorney general’s office in late May. NBC 15 News obtained Attorney General Steve Marshall’s June 16th response, which notes their letter was dated May 26th , postmarked June 11th and received June 14th. “Due to the imminence of the date of the proposed event, my Opinions Division is unable to timely respond with an official position,” Marshall wrote. But he went on in the letter to cite case law that says parks may be used for political events provided access is “available for all political parties and candidates on an equal basis.”

The state park has been used for political events previously….