PDF: Kerth Barker: Remote Viewing, UFOlogy and Earth’s Future


In this mini-book you will find out about the US defense department’s remote viewing research, which is popularly referred to as the Star Gate program.   I’m not a remote viewing practitioner, but I have known those who are.  I’ve seen skilled remote viewers at work and know what can be doe with this discipline.  Also I’ve received training in psychic self defense and remote psychic healing.  And some of my trainers were skilled remote viewers.  So I do have a background in psychic practice and research.  My modest book here doesn’t teach you how to do remote viewing, but if you are interested in learning this discipline, this volume would be a brief introduction.  My intention here is to give the reader a reasonable overview of how and why remote viewing works.  However the main reason for this discussion of remote viewing is to show what it reveals about the human mind and how those revelations relate to the issue of extraterrestrial intelligence…..


US Spending $1.2 Billion on Merck’s COVID-19 Treatment Is a ‘Waste of Taxpayers’ Money’: Doctor

A critical care doctor has said it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money for the U.S. government to purchase drug company Merck’s anti-viral treatment for COVID-19, if it’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Pierre Kory, president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), said there’s no reason for the Biden administration to “enrich Merck for a drug, which has already been the source of a whistleblower complaint, and which has already failed in hospitalized patients” when ivermectin, a “low cost, safe, widely available [drug that] has proven to work in many phases of the disease, not only as outpatients but inpatients” is ready to be distributed to Americans.

“And yet we plan on giving money to a drug company for a drug that is in no way going to surpass what we already have available right now and can use. That money should instead be given to supply ivermectin to the country,” Kory said in a video on June 14.

Health and Human Services (HHS) announced on June 9 that the Biden administration and Merck had entered into a $1.2 billion agreement for the pharmaceutical company to supply 1.7 million courses of molnupiravir, its COVID-19 anti-viral treatment, pending FDA approval or emergency use authorization (EUA).

Molnupiravir, also known as MK-4482, is an oral drug developed in collaboration with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. It has the potential to inhibit “the replication of multiple RNA viruses including SARS-CoV-2,” and has “shown to be active in several models of SARS-CoV-2, including for prophylaxis, treatment, and prevention of transmission,” according to a statement by Merck.

SARS-CoV-2 is the scientific name for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus that causes the disease COVID-19.

The drug’s potential to reduce the risk of death or hospitalization is being assessed in an ongoing phase three trial that plans to enroll 1,850 non-hospitalized patients with mild to moderate COVID-19. The final data is expected to be released as early as this fall.

However, a phase three trial to examine the drug in hospitalized patients was scrapped after findings from phase two showed molnupiravir was unlikely to demonstrate any clinical benefit.

A month prior to releasing its preliminary findings on molnupiravir, Merck released a statement in February 2021 against the use of ivermectin for COVID-19. The company had developed the drug in the 1980s and held a patent until 1996, and said the available data didn’t support the efficacy and safety of ivermectin beyond what the FDA had approved it for.

Kory said Merck’s statement on ivermectin is untrue and hurts patients.

“I need to call attention to how disturbed I am at Merck,” Kory said, adding that the company “issued a statement that there was no evidence to support the efficacy of ivermectin.”

“They even called into question the safety of one of the safest drugs known in history. That statement was a lie. That was a lie, and it’s hurting patients and it’s caused an incalculable loss of life.”

Merck and the HHS did not respond to requests for comment…..


Whitney Webb Interview – Their “Wellcome Leap” Toward Transhumanism & Why You’re Now A “Terrorist”

Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her recent articles. One on the very alarming development in the US government war on its own people, and another regarding the aggressive government push toward a technocratic transhumanism future for the human race. We have discussed the agenda to alter human evolution using nanotechnology more than once on this show. An open agenda was put forth by the White House in 2002 with the stated direction of “converging” human biology with nanotechnology in 20 years. Today we see this rapidly progressing under a guise of fighting COVID-19 – almost exactly 20 years later….

Source Links:

War On You
War On Humanity


Joe Biden Rolls Out ATF Gun-Trafficking “Strike Forces” to Crack Down on Gun Ownership

On June 22, 2021, the Biden administration unveiled new steps to harass lawful gun owners and gun businesses in the US. One of its most notable announcements was the creation of five gun-trafficking “strike forces” to supposedly curb the influx of guns that are moved across state lines.

The Department of Justice stated that these new strike forces will be rolled out within 30 days in order “to help reduce violent crime by addressing illegal gun trafficking in significant firearms trafficking corridors” that facilitate the movement of firearms into major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

“As the President has repeatedly said, we are experiencing an epidemic of gun violence in this country. This violence robs us of loved ones and causes life-altering physical injuries,” the White House declared in a recently published statement. “It causes lasting trauma, with cascading consequences for children, families, and communities. It steals our freedom, our sense of belonging and security, and has ripple effects for our economy.”…


If they were serious about reducing violence, including gun violence, they would stop trafficking drugs into the country.   But they’re not so they won’t.  The idea isn’t to reduce violence, it’s to only allow government-approved violence, as a tool of social control.

The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

Pilger: The Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot

Yet Another Study Finds Fewer Cases of Autism, Allergies in Unvaccinated Children

A peer-reviewed study published this month in the Journal of Translational Science found children who were fully or partially vaccinated were diagnosed with autism, severe allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, recurring ear infections and ADD/ADHD more often than children who were completely unvaccinated.

The study also showed there was a protective effect against these disorders when children were unvaccinated and breastfed for a minimum of six months, or unvaccinated and born vaginally.

The study, “Health Effects in Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Children, With Covariates for Breastfeeding Status and Type of Birth,” is based on a cohort of 1,565 children from three medical practices in the U.S.

Within the three practices, parents completed questionnaires based on their children’s vaccination status and health. Results of questionnaires were confirmed using chart records from each practice.

According to the study:

“The findings in this study must be weighed against the strengths and limitations of the available data and study design. Additional research utilizing a larger sample from diverse medical practices will yield greater certainty in results, essential to understanding the full scope of health effects associated with childhood vaccination.”

The research adds to a growing body of literature demonstrating that unvaccinated children are healthier. Similar studies have been published previously by Hooker and Miller (2020), Lyons-Weiler and Thomas (2021) and Mawson et al. (2017).

“This study provides another very important piece of evidence regarding the overall health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children,” said co-author Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., Children’s Health Defense chief scientific officer and professor of biology at Simpson University.

“It is imperative that health officials take this research seriously for the best protection of children in the U.S. and worldwide,” Hooker said.

Hooker said that given the study’s results, “it is imperative” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention opens up its own Vaccine Safety Datalink to independent researchers so additional study on the effect of the entire infant/child vaccination schedule may be ascertained.

Neil Z. Miller, a medical research journalist, director of the ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute, co-authored the study with Hooker.


San Francisco forcing 35,000 city employees to get COVID-19 vaccines

(Natural News) San Francisco is telling its 35,000 city employees that they must get vaccinated against COVID-19 or they will lose their jobs. Not surprisingly, many workers and unions are speaking out against this unconscionable infringement on health freedom.

Officials announced earlier this week that municipal workers will be required to get the vaccine within 10 weeks after it is fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although exceptions will reportedly be granted for religious or medical reasons, it is not yet clear what the procedure for such exemptions will be or how they will be approved. However, we do know that the medical exemptions will only apply to employees who have medical conditions affecting their vaccine eligibility and must be verified by a medical provider. Those with a “sincerely held religious belief” that stops them from getting a vaccine would have their requests reviewed on a case-by-case basis….


CDC, FDA Prepare Mass Distribution of a Six-in-One Vaccine for Kids, Turning Blind Eye to Safety Signals

Since the mid-1980s, the number of childhood shots on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccine schedule has more than quadrupled. When parents express reluctance about turning their little ones into perpetual pin cushions, drug makers and doctors have a ready answer — combination vaccines that “simplify” the schedule by decreasing the number of injections administered.

This month marks the U.S. launch of the Merck/Sanofi joint-venture vaccine, Vaxelis, a six-in-one (hexavalent) combination vaccine that contains diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) components as well as components said to protect against polio, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and hepatitis B.

Public health officials optimistically believe that bundling all of these components into one shot will help close noncompliance loopholes and increase the likelihood that children will complete “all recommended vaccinations.”

Though Vaxelis is the nation’s first hexavalent injection, it joins other four- or five-in-one vaccines already on the CDC schedule. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Vaxelis in late 2018 — as a three-dose series for 2-, 4- and 6-month-old infants — but it is only now, two-and-a-half years later, that the shot is being readied for widespread distribution.

Warning signs were ignored

There are numerous warning signs that potent all-in-one vaccines are too much for immature immune systems to handle. Concerning safety signals have emerged not just for hexavalent but also pentavalent (five-in-one) vaccines.

In Europe, where infants have been given hexavalent vaccines for some years (including Vaxelis since 2016), the formulations have produced many troubling reports of sudden infant death.

Absurdly, none of the clinical studies assessing Vaxelis safety and efficacy conducted fair comparisons against an inert placebo. Instead, in the two U.S. clinical trials for Vaxelis, not only did investigators compare infants receiving Vaxelis to babies who received Sanofi’s five-in-one Pentacel — but babies in both groups also received rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines at the same time!

In this context, the CDC’s sales pitch to the public — and its claims that side effects are “usually mild” — cannot be considered credible.

Here are some of the other facts missing from the CDC’s communications:

  • In the two U.S. trials six infants died (slide #27) in the Vaxelis group (some after receiving just one dose); one infant also died in the “control” group that received five-in-one vaccines.
  • All six Vaxelis recipients died within six weeks of vaccination. This timing matches other published accounts of infant deaths “clustering” following hexavalent vaccination.
  • The reported causes of death for the infants who received Vaxelis included asphyxia, sepsis, fluid in the brain and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These outcomes correspond to the types of adverse events reported following hexavalent vaccination in Europe.
  • Package inserts for other vaccines on the CDC schedule list similar causes of death, suggesting these fatal Vaxelis outcomes are plausibly associated with vaccination.
  • In the clinical trials, the rate of fever was notably higher in Vaxelis recipients even when compared to children receiving five-in-one vaccines (47% vs. 34%).

Juicing vaccine sales

In the no-liability context enjoyed by vaccine makers in the U.S., combination vaccines are already quite popular. In fact, market watchers and health economists praise the jumbo shots as being a catalyst for positive industry trends and a “key to commercial success.” ….


Multiple Vaccines at Once Risk Genetic Recombination and New Pandemics

Vaccination Medical Insanity on Display

Vandana Shiva: A New Wave of Colonization, Carbon Slavery


  • Big Tech is driving a new wave of colonization in the name of sustainability and “net zero” carbon emissions
  • Tech billionaire Bill Gates, now the largest owner of farmland in the U.S., is at the root of the problem, pushing technology as the only mechanism to save the world, and in so doing denying real solutions
  • Shiva calls Gates’ book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” which pushes for the elimination of age-old farming traditions and widespread adoption of fake meat, “rubbish”
  • According to Shiva, in order to force the world to accept this new food and agricultural system, new conditionalities are being created through net zero “nature-based” solutions, which will only further destroy indigenous people and small farmers
  • Net zero does not mean zero emissions, Shiva says; it means the rich polluters will continue to pollute and also grab the land and resources of those who have not polluted

Vandana Shiva is a brilliant mind calling for inhabitants of the Earth to unite against forces that are threatening to destroy the planet, in part via a new wave of colonization in the name of sustainability.

Tech billionaire Bill Gates, now the largest owner of farmland in the U.S.,1 is at the root of the problem, pushing technology as the only mechanism to save the world, and in so doing denying real solutions. This path is not accidental but carefully orchestrated to amass wealth, power and control, while making all but the elite subservient.

In my interview with Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., she spoke about Gates Ag One,2 which is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, where Monsanto is also headquartered.

“Gates Ag One is one [type of] agriculture for the whole world, organized top down. He’s written about it. We have a whole section on it in our new report,3 ‘Gates to a Global Empire,'” she said. This includes digital farming, in which farmers are surveilled and mined for their agricultural data, which is then repackaged and sold back to them.

Bill Gates’ New Book Is ‘Rubbish’

In the above Under the Skin podcast with Russel Brand, Shiva takes aim at Gates’ book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need,” which was released in February 20214 — calling it “rubbish:”5

“Just by chance I was reading the rubbish in Bill Gates’ new book. I normally don’t read rubbish but when they want to be rulers through rubbish, I read it. And it’s lovely because he says the greenhouse gases from factory farms are not because of factory farms and putting animals in prisons … it’s because the cows were the problem. They had four stomachs and the four stomachs make the methane.”

The reason cows in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) emit methane that smells is because they’re fed an unnatural diet of grains and placed in crowded quarters. It’s not a natural phenomenon. It’s a man-made one. “You walk behind a good cow on a grazing pasture, she’s not stinking,” Shiva said.6

The strong recommendation to replace beef with fake meat is also made in Gates’ book7 — another example of replacing a whole, natural food with something engineered, heavily processed and fake. It all stems from an overreaching theme of arrogance and the desire for recolonization and a global empire.

The idea is to imply, or create the environment in which, survival isn’t possible without technology. “It is a denial of the richness of agroecological knowledges and practices that are resurging around the world,” according to one of Navdanya’s reports.….


Palestanian Protesters Recount Harrowing Details of Torture at the Hands of Israeli Police

In May, the world watched Israel’s brutal occupation on full display: The forcible displacement of Sheikh Jarrah residents was underway; Israeli security forces attacked Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan; Israeli rocket fire rained down on Gaza; and Jewish extremists chanted “Death to Arabs!” in the streets.

According to multiple testimonies, Israeli police in Nazareth ran a “torture room” where they ruthlessly attacked Palestinian detainees during the wave of demonstrations against Israel in May.

Now, as international headlines fade on Palestine, Israeli violence continues.


‘The floor of the room was covered in blood’

Faiz Zbedeiat was talking on the phone about 20 feet away from a protest in Nazareth. The moment the 21-year-old student hung up the phone, Israeli police threw a stun grenade into the street. An officer then charged at him and punched him in the nose. Zbedeiat was soon encircled by police who grabbed him, hit him, and pushed him toward a Border Police officer who tried to slam his head against a wall.

“I asked why they were hitting me when I’m not resisting,” Zbedeiat said. “I put my hands behind my back even though they didn’t handcuff me. Nevertheless, the same Border Police officer hit me in the nose with the walkie-talkie that he was holding.”

The officers dragged Zbedeiat by his head to the police station, beating him along the way.

“On the way, we met a policeman who appeared to be an officer, and he started laughing and said to them: ‘Did you only arrest him? That’s not enough. We need more,’” Zbedeiat said.

The beating continued inside the police station. Cops kicked, slapped, and hit detainees with batons, laughing as they struck them.

Zbedeiat detailed how one officer smacked detainees with an M-16 rifle. He watched as one man with a broken nose — face covered in blood — was continuously hit by officers. Then Zbedeiat described his own treatment:

A police officer approached me and whispered in my ear, threatening me. He cursed my mother, my sister, and my wife. He then asked, ‘Did you understand?’ I didn’t answer, and he immediately slapped me in the face. He asked me again: ‘Do you understand?’ I still didn’t answer and he slapped me again in the face. Finally, he said ‘Go explain to your friends.’ He pushed me back down to the floor and hit me again.”

Israeli police torture

A Palestinian child is taken into an “observation post” after his arrest at a protest in Jerusalem, June 10, 2021. Maya Alleruzzo | AP

Zbedeiat’s violent detention in May is one of many such, according to Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. The advocacy group collected multiple sworn affidavits attesting to the abuse of Palestinian protesters by Israeli officers, attorneys, bystanders, and children inside Nazareth’s police station from May 9 to May 14. The majority of the violent arrests and most of the abuse were conducted by Israeli special forces, including undercover Mista’aravim (counter-terror units within the Israeli Army, Border Police, and Israel Police) officers pretending to be Palestinians.

Adalah submitted a complaint to Israel’s Attorney General and the chairman of the Police Investigation Department on June 7. In their letter, Adalah wrote:

Police officers led the detainees to a room located on the left side of the entrance corridor to the station, forcing them to sit on the floor handcuffed, to lower their heads towards the floor, and began to beat them on all parts of their bodies, using kicks and clubs, slamming their heads against walls or doors, and more. Officers wounded the detainees, terrorized them, and whomever dared to lift his head upwards risked more beatings by officers. According to affidavits, the floor of the room was covered in blood from the beatings….


Transparency in all things