World’s most-vaccinated nation locks down as Covid cases spike

Before the Covid vaccines were released to the public, the storyline coming from “experts” was that they would be the pathway to get things back to normal. Fast forward to today and nothing seems normal despite months of vaccinations. But as Joe Biden and most politicians (along with mainstream and social media) try to shame vaccine-skeptics into taking the experimental shots, one nation gives us a glimpse of our future when we achieve the 60%+ vaccinated milestone.

That glimpse isn’t a very good one.

The tiny nation of Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, has the highest density of vaccinated citizens in the world. Over 60% of their residents have received full Covid vaccinations, so one would expect they would be well on their way to reaching normalcy by now. Instead, they are experiencing a spike in new Covid cases that’s so bad, they’re going into full lockdown mode once again.

The nation of under 100,000 people is a popular tourist destination, so the government sprung into action to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Their economy required them to be considered as safe as possible to maintain their biggest industry, so the people generally embraced the vaccination agenda. It isn’t just to protect those who are vaccinated, but also those who are not. That’s the point of vaccines, to slow the spread and make a disease fade away as a result of herd immunity.

It didn’t happen. Instead, they’ve seen a spike of over 50% increase in cases just since April 28. The government is baffled, holding a press conference to announce the new round of lockdowns. Officials at the press conference gave little detail on what could be behind the infection surge other than to say people were taking fewer precautions against the virus than before and the surge may be due to celebrations after Easter. …

Or the vaccine itself is causing covid symptoms via the spike protein.

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