True believers using ‘honeypot’ groups to fight anti-vaxxers

In a policy shift, Facebook is now removing groups and pages that discourage people from getting vaccines. As social media giants grapple with the anti-vaccine movement, Specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring meets the everyday citizens battling conspiracy theories in their spare time.

The banner image shows a Photoshopped picture of Bill Gates with a crazed expression holding a needle decorated with a skull and crossbones. It looks like a Facebook group promoting anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

But this group actually has very different intentions.

Richard is a builder, a trainee psychologist – and one half of the duo behind the decoy group. He says he aims not to spread bad information but rather to help people attracted to conspiracy theories….

The biggest conspiracy theory of all is the belief that any media conglomerate with roots in the system is capable of telling any truth which might be adverse to the interests of its advertisers, shareholders or government news-feeders.    I mean seriously, how obvious does this have to be?   The credibility of any media operation is inversely proportional to its dependency on the financial status quo.   Unfortunately most people seem to prefer the comforting lie over the disturbing but obvious truth.

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