The Coup Continues: Soros’s Open Society and Globalist Allies Partner with Far-Right Neo-Nazi Party in Hungary to Oust Orbán

The left-wing NGO network continues to attack conservative governments around the world: After the 2020 “Color Revolution” against Donald Trump, the Globalists are now setting their sights on Viktor Orban’s conservative government in Hungary – even partnering with Hungary’s neo-Nazi Jobbik party to do it.

by Richard Abelson

As Gateway Pundit reported, 2020 saw the left-wing Open Society NGO network drag former Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini to court for securing Italy’s borders; GP revealed how the 2019 coup against the Austrian government was staged by German journalists who belong to the Open Society network; and how Open Society NGOs are trying to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel with a lawfare campaign. This network reaches as far afield as India, Myanmar, Russia and Brazil, who have all accused the Open Society Foundations (OSF) of interfering with their interior affairs.

As the Democrats try their utmost to prevent a real audit of the 2020 US elections, the Open Society network has already focused its sights on its next archnemesis: The conservative government of Viktor Orbán in Hungary, which has become a bulwark against the No Borders ideology of the EU and OSF.

Viktor Orbán’s government is up for re-election in Spring of 2022, and has fallen beneath 50% in polls for the first time since 2010, facing a broad coalition of all opposition parties, called the United Opposition.

But the United Opposition can only reach a majority because it includes the far-right  “Jobbik” party, which is supported by about 14% of Hungarian voters in current polls, making it the strongest or second-strongest party in the United Opposition bloc.

Left-wing media and the EU love to act like Orbán’s Hungary is on the verge of dictatorship, even though a Green candidate became mayor of Budapest  in October 2019: Gergely Karácsony now runs the capital city with the Social Democrats. Karácsony is hailed as the prime challenger to Viktor Orbán, even though his Green Party only scores 2% nationally in the polls. On March 31, 2020, Karácsony publicly thanked George Soros for donating one million Euros….

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