Social Destabilization: Public School Curriculum Normalizes Violence Against Women, Random Sex

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia called out their school district for assigning violent, vulgar, and sexually graphic material to 9th-grade students.

“I see her coming out of some car in some tight ass shorts, talking fast, telling me she’s about to leave me. I grab her by the neck and start punching her. She wanted to be all big and bad trying to face me like a grown ass woman. She going to get beat like a grown woman,” one mother read from an excerpt of “Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany Jackson.

Another mom read from a book titled “#MurderTrending” by Gretchen McNeil, saying, “Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with every once in a while. He was pretty basic, library systems, low-security shit… Not in my league at all, but he had a big d*ck and sometimes a girl just needs a big d*ck.”…

It’s very liberal to normalize social chaos, loneliness and broken families.   The satanic aristocracy which buys and promotes this curriculum have made child abuse into an art form.

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