School Nurse Who Said Masks Were Harmful to Students Suspended

A New Jersey school nurse who claimed making children wear masks all day was inhumane and ineffective has been suspended.

Erin Pein, who refused to wear a mask herself while working at the school, claimed she was suspended by the Stafford Township school district, reported.

“The masks unfortunately don’t prevent them from getting COVID. Because the viruses are so small, it can’t be stopped with a mask,” Pein said in a YouTube video posted last week.

Pein went on to explain that, given the low risk the China Virus has to children, making them wear masks all day amounts to “child abuse” and can cause “anxiety and depression.”…

Institutionalized child abuse is “normal” but not at all new.   Children have long been prey for the disaster capitalists in charge of medicine and education.   A very profitable business model which has the added benefit of feeding slaves to industry and puppets to the totalitarian state.   It’s not going to stop unless people make it stop.

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