Russia-China military alliance looms as US alienates both

The Biden administration has rejected President Putin’s suggestion of a reset in US-Russian relations. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has admitted that China, who recently added three warships in a single day, now boasts the world’s largest navy and is making overtures to Russia in hopes of establishing a military alliance. Officials in China and Russia have reiterated their recognition of mutual interest in opposing unilateral sanctions and other unwelcome moves with which Washington exerts its influence on the world stage. China and Russia boast formidable navies and participated in joint military drills and shared sensitive technology with one another. …

Need I reiterate that the engineered implosion of the US economy and infrastructure combined with non-stop military belligerence is a recipe for utter annihilation?   This is what the disaster capitalists who control washington drool over.   Gigafortunes will be made off of our suffering if we allow fake president to consummate his arrangement with the devil.

Washington’s invisible government and its media puppets are far greater threats to this country than any foreign power which they  goad into attacking us.

How They Live

Gaddafi Warned of CIA-Sponsored Islamic Terror in Europe 6 Years Ago

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