Poll: The U.S. is Seen as a Greater Threat to Democracy on a Global Scale Than Russia or China

A poll of nations throughout the world has shown that the U.S. is seen as a greater threat to democracy than nations such as China or Russia.

The poll commissioned by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation featured responses from 50,000 people in 53 different countries to determine the results. A whopping 44 percent of respondents said they feared the U.S. as a threat to democracy, as opposed to 38 percent of respondents fearing the Chinese and 28 percent of respondents fearing the Russian impact on democracy.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who chairs the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, is interpreting the results of the poll as showing a need for more globalism.

“This poll shows that democracy is still alive in people’s hearts and minds. We now need to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic by delivering more democracy and freedom to people who want to see their countries become more democratic,” he said.

“The positive support for an Alliance of Democracies, whether the UK’s D10 initiative or President Biden’s Summit for Democracy, shows that people want more cooperation to push back against the autocrats. Leaders should take note of these perceptions and act upon them,” Rasmussen added.

In all actuality, the findings demonstrate that the U.S. is too involved in the affairs of the world, and their interventionist foreign policy is majorly backfiring.

Big League Politics reported on how President Trump and his allies in the Republican Party fought back against the endless wars that have caused America to lose so much respect and prestige abroad:…


As usual, the globalists are the problem that they purport to address.

BTW: whatever respect the rest of the world had for this country was largely due to Project Mockingbird, the CIA’s program of infiltration of the global media and movie industries, which is almost as effective against foreign audiences as domestic ones.     We are all being played.

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