Millions Against Medical Mandates: Letter to Schools About Required COVID-19 Vaccination

As the COVID situation evolves, vaccine passports are being discussed openly. Once the fear of “conspiracy theorists”, these Orwellian measures are becoming reality. Schools and universities appear to be leading the charge to limit individual’s access to education based on receiving COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, California state universities just announed they will require students to have received the COVID-19 vaccine prior to starting classes in the fall.

One of the first schools to announce a COVID-19 vaccination requirement to enroll for fall 2021 was Rutgers University. Announcements like these strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of parents and college-bound students. In response to the Rutgers news, Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev Registered Nurse (emeritus) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) with a Master’s-Degree in Biology/Clinical Nutrition, composed a letter to expose the risk for potential injury and death from the vaccines themselves and to highlight that mandating of any experimental medical product or treatment violates existing law, exposing schools and businesses to a bevy of lawsuits.

Word of the letter to Rutgers’s spread and many people expressed an interest in sending a copy to other institutions. Laraine modified her letter to be more generic and is offering both a basic and more extended option here. Download the letters below and modify them to suit your needs. Once the letter is downloaded, open it in Word (PC) or Pages (Mac). Enable editing of the document and customize with your information….

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