Fauci lays out timeline for vaccinating teens, children

The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said on Sunday that high school students could begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations in the fall, while younger children will likely have to wait until early next year.

Speaking with host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Fauci explained that more data is needed to make sure the three vaccines authorized by the Food and Drug Administration can be safely administered to younger children.

“If you project realistically when we’ll get enough data to be able to say that elementary school children will be able to be vaccinated, I would think that would be at the earliest the end of the year and very likely the first quarter of 2022,” said Fauci.

“But for the high school kids, it looks like sometime this fall,” he continued. “I’m not sure it’s exactly be on the first day the school opens but pretty close to that.”…


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