Druckenmiller Warns “Fed Is Endangering Dollar Reserve Status”

Thanks to The Fed’s ongoing largesse, billionaire Stan Druckenmiller told CNBC this morning that “even a monkey can make money in these markets.”

“We are still acting like we’re in a black hole,” warns the fund manager, questioning The Fed’s wisdom in keeping the floodgates of intervention wide open despite the recovery happening at record speed.

“I can’t find any period in history where monetary and fiscal policy were this out of step with the economic circumstances, not one,” Druckenmiller said during the live “Squawk Box” interview.

Specifically, Druck warns that “Fed policy is endangering the dollar’s reserve status,” noting in his earlier WSJ Op-Ed that “keeping emergency settings after the emergency has passed carries bigger risks for the Fed than missing its inflation target by a few decimal points. It’s time for a change.”…


Even billionaires dare not speak the truth in public.   No one is safe from the luciferian mafia.   The fed’s controllers are disaster capitalists.  They are well positioned to profit from the catastrophe they create.

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