China implements new crackdown on Christianity, shut down Bible apps and Christian WeChat

The Chinese Communist Party recently enacted a nationwide crackdown on Christianity in the past week, according to multiple media reports. China also reportedly shut down Christian-based apps in what appears to be the persecution of Christians in the authoritarian nation.

International Christian Concern, a United States-based non-partisan Christian organization that attempts to “bandage the wounds of persecuted Christians and to build the Church in the toughest parts of the world,” reported that there was a major crackdown on Christianity in China that started on Saturday. The report stated, “Bible Apps have been removed from App Store in China, while Bibles in hard copy are not available for sale online,” and “those who want to download Bible Apps have to use VPN to circumvent the Firewall.”…

When you’re taking flak it means you’re over the target, which prefers to be invisible.

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