CBC episode on HAARP

Given the grid of interlocking “wiring” covering much of the country and the density of cell-phone microwave transmitters in populous areas, you wouldn’t need a high power density or  a dedicated array to blanket an area with low-frequency-amplitude-modulated microwaves or aim them at specific targets (like a person carrying a specific cell phone).   This would be ideal for manipulating domestic populations, which are usually the biggest threat to any government.   EEGs range from <1hz to around 40hz, but are averaged over the scalp so probably wouldn’t reflect the frequencies needed to stimulate specific brain functions.

I note that my EMF meter which plays AM on a built-in speaker, consistently plays a set of tones around 1000hz when I’m outside.   I don’t know why any digital modulation scheme that I’m aware of would have any use for such low frequencies, but maybe it’s an older analog communication system that I’m hearing.   Or maybe it’s something nasty.  Anyway, it’s just another reminder that we are all at the mercy of invisible and unaccountable forces.

Read the article below to get an idea of the possibilities.

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