Social Destabilization: Public School Curriculum Normalizes Violence Against Women, Random Sex

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia called out their school district for assigning violent, vulgar, and sexually graphic material to 9th-grade students.

“I see her coming out of some car in some tight ass shorts, talking fast, telling me she’s about to leave me. I grab her by the neck and start punching her. She wanted to be all big and bad trying to face me like a grown ass woman. She going to get beat like a grown woman,” one mother read from an excerpt of “Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany Jackson.

Another mom read from a book titled “#MurderTrending” by Gretchen McNeil, saying, “Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with every once in a while. He was pretty basic, library systems, low-security shit… Not in my league at all, but he had a big d*ck and sometimes a girl just needs a big d*ck.”…

It’s very liberal to normalize social chaos, loneliness and broken families.   The satanic aristocracy which buys and promotes this curriculum have made child abuse into an art form.

Fauci is KILLING Americans by refusing them safe and effective covid remedies

(Natural News) More than a year has gone by since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” began, and there is still no “official treatment protocol” for it. Why is that? And more importantly, why is ringleader Anthony Fauci refusing to acknowledge, let alone accept, the known treatments that do exist and that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives?

Instead of pushing experimental gene therapy injections that do not even protect against the virus, Fauci should have been recommending remedies like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc, both of which are proven fight coronaviruses. Instead, Fauci kept the nation masked and in fear – and is still doing that to this very day.

Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) and chief of cardiovascular research at the Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, has had enough of Fauci. The main reason this matters is because McCullough holds the same medical qualifications as Fauci – meaning his viewpoints are equally as qualified as Fauci’s.

In McCullough’s view, Fauci has utterly failed, perhaps intentionally, to do what is right and best for the people of this country. Instead of actually trying to help people stay healthy, Fauci continues to push his own agenda, which has McCullough “deeply concerned.”

Speaking to Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson the other day, McCullough expressed that “something has gone off the rails in the world” as far as treating the Chinese Virus. Fauci certainly has no plan beyond telling people that they should wear a mask forever and get injected regularly, leaving them “in fear, in isolation and despair.”

“This [virus] is like a cold, except the immune system goes crazy in the middle part of it,” McCullough explained. “So we take an edge off the viral replication early. We treat the immune system ‘dysregulation’ … and we can get people through the illness.”

Other countries have taken this approach, but not the United States, thanks to Fauci. Again, instead of coming up with some kind of treatment protocol for this cold-like virus, Fauci has done nothing but threaten increasingly more severe forms of tyranny unless people obey the mask and vaccine approach.

Fauci is a mass murderer

If Fauci were a real doctor, he would have tasked those who work with and for him to find something other than an injection and a piece of cloth that could help them avoid serious infection. Instead, Fauci has sentenced hundreds of thousands of Americans to death – needlessly.

This makes Fauci a mass murderer. There is simply no other way to look at it since others with his same qualifications have repeatedly tried to get life-saving medicines and nutrients into the hands of sick people, only to have Fauci fight against it at every turn.

“One would think that after all this time there would be a consensus in the hospitals, in the nursing homes, and in other treatment centers on how to treat a Covid positive patient or resident,” says The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft about this whole fiasco. “This is not the case.”

McCullough, meanwhile, has successfully given more than 85 percent of his covid patients a multi-drug treatment that led to full recovery and immunity. Why is Fauci refusing to accept and recommend McCullough’s protocol? Why does Fauci want people to continue dying needlessly?

“This pandemic could have been over by now … if those who tested positive for covid had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized,” McCullough says.

Hoft, meanwhile, seems to agree with a growing assessment of Fauci, calling him “the greatest mass killer of our generation.”

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Dominion Voting Systems Slams Arizona Forensic Audit and Says Company WILL NOT Release Passwords to Maricopa Voting Machines

Dominion Voting Systems released a very revealing statement on Thursday. The Denver-based company responded to the Arizona Senate’s demand for passwords to ballot tabulators.

Back on November 30, 2020, Maricopa County elections witness Jan Bryant testified before the Arizona legislature. Jan said back on November 30, 2020, that Maricopa County officials DID NOT RUN THE ELECTION! Two Dominion employees in the audit center ran the election. This explains why Maricopa County officials do not have Admin passwords or access to the Dominion voting machines. They never had them!

America’s Audit Director Ken Bennett told OAN earlier in the week that Dominion was refusing to comply with the subpoena to turn over the passwords.
What are they hiding?

TRENDING: BREAKING: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database — With Copy of Senate Letter

In their statement published today Dominion attacked the forensic auditing team performing the audit.

Dominion defended the controversial EAC group that rubber-stamped the previous counting of ballots.

And Dominion then said they will not release the passwords to the Maricopa County voting machines.
They will NOT ALLOW any auditors to look at their machines….

IS COVID-19 A BIO-WEAPON? The Highwire|Del Bigtree

Dr.  Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, says that two animal models show that the “spike protein” creates a prion disease, similar to “mad cow disease”. His website with research and references:

Highwire: The Definition of a Bioweapon

Fearmongering by Gates Raises Question of Staged Bioattack in USA

Biden urges parents to get children vaccinated after Pfizer jab emergency use approved for kids as young as 12

President Joe Biden is making his push for children to get Covid-19 vaccines, now authorized for kids 12 and older, dismissing their low risk of serious illness in the hope of stopping its spread to more vulnerable age groups.

“This is one more giant step in our fight against the pandemic,” Biden told reporters on Wednesday, after a CDC panel voted to recommend use of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine in 12- to 15-year-olds. The shot was already available to anyone over 16, and the FDA on Monday gave emergency authorization to expand eligibility down to the age of 12….

Quick!   It’s an emergency!  Jump off this cliff while you still can!

CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up

Story at-a-glance

  • COVID-19 has been a pandemic of false positive tests; the thing that kept the fraud going was the fact that laboratories were using excessively high cycle thresholds (CTs) when processing the PCR tests, resulting in false positives
  • Now, as nearly 100 million Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19, the CDC is lowering the CT from 40 to 28 when diagnosing vaccine breakthrough cases — cases where fully vaccinated individuals are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • While healthy people have been misdiagnosed as having COVID-19 when they really didn’t because the CT was set to 40 or 45, the CDC is now trying to minimize the recorded number of breakthrough cases by using a CT that will minimize the number of false positives
  • As of April 26, 2021, the CDC had received a total of 9,245 reports of vaccine breakthrough infections. Of those, 55% were under the age of 60, 835 required hospitalization (9%) and 132 died (1%)
  • The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System appears to be backlogged for months. Rare but serious side effects may be occurring but we just can’t see the trend, and the longer the backlog, the more people will be exposed to a potentially dangerous vaccine

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Salk Institute science paper: covid spike protein is causing deadly blood clots & it’s in all covid vaccines, by design

The prestigious Salk Institute, founded by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, has authored and published a bombshell scientific article revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is what’s actually causing vascular damage in covid patients and covid vaccine recipients, promoting the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots and other harmful reactions that have already killed thousands of Americans (source:

Critically, all four covid vaccine brands currently in widespread use either inject patients with the spike protein or, via mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture spike proteins and release them into their own blood. This floods the patient’s body with the very spike protein that the Salk Institute has now identified as the smoking gun cause of vascular damage and related events (such as blood clots, which are killing many people who take the vaccines).

Put simply, it means the vaccines were designed to contain the very element that’s killing people.

The false assumption of the vaccine industry and its propagandists is that the spike protein is “inert” and harmless. The Salk Institute proves this assumption to be dangerously inaccurate…

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