USPS Running “Covert Operation Program” To Spy On Americans’ Social Media Posts

The United States Postal Service is running a “covert operation program” to monitor the social media activity of American citizens without their knowledge or consent, according to official documents.

The documents, obtained by Yahoo News, reveal a program called Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) which hasn’t previously been made public, that’s meant to monitor the activity of conservatives and “right-wing” Americans.

“Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021,” says the March 16 government bulletin, marked as “law enforcement sensitive.”

“Locations and times have been identified for these protests, which are being distributed online across multiple social media platforms, to include right-wing leaning Parler and Telegram accounts.”

Though the iCOP program is scanning through these social media channels, so far claimed that “no intelligence is available to suggest the legitimacy” of violent threats made on these platforms.

“iCOP analysts are currently monitoring these social media channels for any potential threats stemming from the scheduled protests and will disseminate intelligence updates as needed,” the bulletin says.

Civil rights leaders are sounding the alarm over this supposedly innocuous government agency spying on American citizens instead of focusing on mail -related issues.

“It’s a mystery,” said University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone. “I don’t understand why the government would go to the Postal Service for examining the internet for security issues.”

“That part is puzzling. There are so many other federal agencies that could do this, I don’t understand why the post office would be doing it. There is no need for the post office to do it — you’ve got FBI, Homeland Security and so on, so I don’t know why the post office is doing this.”

The USPS defended its unconstitutional surveillance of Americans, calling social media posts “open source information.”…

Clearly this implies that they’re also surveilling and opening mail traffic.    Putting both surveillance operations under one institutional umbrella reduces inter-agency sharing and exposure to FOIA requests.

Opening mail envelopes has become almost routine in this country.   You can tell if you examine the edge of the envelope: if there’s a clean shallow arc-shaped cut along the edge, big enough to insert a small ccd camera, you can be sure that’s what happened.   At some point they won’t have to open the envelopes, they’ll be able to sharply focus xrays or UVC in various planes inside the envelope to read the text in different layers of folded letters.

The entire government is being weaponized against the people.   And it’s all spontaneous of course.   Just a bunch of independent actors pushing for expanded turf.    NOT.

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