The Race to Curb the Spread of COVID Vaccine “Disinformation”

Researchers are applying strategies honed during the 2020 US presidential election to track anti-vax propaganda.

In March, Twitter put its foot down: users who repeatedly spread falsinformation about COVID-19 vaccines will have their accounts suspended or shut down. It was a new front in a high-stakes battle over misinformation that could help to determine how many people get vaccinated, and how swiftly the pandemic ends.

The battle is also being fought in computer-science and sociology labs across the United States, where scientists who track the spread of false information on social media honed their skills during the US presidential election last year. They are now shifting focus, from false claims that the election was ‘stolen’ to untruths about COVID-19 vaccines. Some surveys suggest that more than one-fifth of people in the United States are opposed to receiving a vaccine.

Researchers are launching projects to track and tag vaccine misinformation and disinformation on social media, as well as collecting massive amounts of data to understand the ways in which misinformation, political rhetoric and public policies all interact to influence vaccine uptake across the United States….

Apparently there’s no money in launching projects to actually look at the science and the decades-long and well-documented coverup of vaccine injuries at the hands of flagrant cdc quackery and deception (backed by pharmacorps buying every regulatory agency and news medium in sight) which is finally beginning to see the light of day even at the WHO.    They should have listened to the parents all along.   They should have paid closer attention to the 2020 election for that matter.

Scientific american used to be a decent magazine.  Now it’s a testament that nothing is safe from the moneychangers.

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