Study confirms second mental disorder in eugenics adherents

Intellectual disability is most often caused by changes to the genome that take place in early fetal development and are not found in the parents’ DNA. This is why the risk of recurrence in the next sibling of the family is very small, as indicated by a recent study.

The prevalence of intellectual disabilities, which means difficulties with learning and understanding new things, is roughly 1-2% in the population. People with a severe intellectual disability need help from others in daily activities throughout their lives.

Such disabilities can be caused by genetic changes or external factors. According to estimates, roughly 2,500 genes underlie intellectual disability, of which approximately half remain unidentified.

In recent years, the diagnostics for intellectual disabilities have improved thanks to advancements in techniques that make it possible to sequence the entire genome. These techniques can also help to identify causes of intellectual disability not found in other medical examinations and tests. Exome sequencing, that is, the sequencing of the protein-coding regions of genes in the genome, enables the identification of new pathogenic gene variants as well. Identifying genes is a prerequisite for identifying disease mechanisms and developing treatments.

The study conducted at the University of Helsinki utilised exome sequencing to determine the potential genetic background of intellectual disability. The study participants included Finnish families with family members with delayed cognitive development for which no clear cause had been identified. The results were recently published in the Human Genetics journal.

It was found that in 64% of the study participants the cause of their developmental disorder was a known intellectual disability gene. The majority of these variants, 75%, was the result of random mutations taking place during fetal development (de novo), and variants not found in the parents’ genome. An inherited mutation was identified in no more than a quarter of the pathogenic genes studied. More large-scale structural variants, which are usually not inherited, were found in only 8% of the families.

“Based on our findings, the risk of recurrence of intellectual disability in the next child of individual families is usually low,” says Docent Irma Järvelä. According to Järvelä, this is a significant and relieving piece of information for many families….

Despite its widespread acceptance among the western elites, it was already pretty evident that the eugenics movement was on shaky scientific ground from the beginning.   Anyone with half a brain knows how vulnerable children are to birth injury, malnutrition and toxic psychological and chemical inputs, many of which tend to be repeated through the generations, such as oppressive home environments and poverty-related lack of breast feeding.   Any social engineer willing to classify and condemn children to the labels and oppression routinely applied to the “less fortunate” based on nothing but family history certainly has an empathic deficit disorder and probably a munchausen by proxy complex.   Now we know they’re also acting out yet another disorder: confirmation bias.   The children they mistreat with such classifications tend to grow up to confirm their assumptions.   What a surprise.

It remains to be seen whether the closeted eugenicists who rule american medicine and education will recognize the import of this research or manifest yet another mental deficit by refusing to look.   Given the financial rewards in institutionalized child abuse, I’m not holding my breath.   The most pivotal darwinian fitness test in this society is parents’ willingness to abandon their child’s well-being to the mass  quackery which is american medicine.

A lot of these kids come from bad gene pools. They don’t have stable parents making good decisions. Besides the gene pools, they’ve been traumatized by abuse, neglect and problems, and then they’ve been traumatized by separation, and all those things predispose to mental illness. — Joe Burkett, quackiatrist, testifying to texas legislature on why 2/3rds of texas foster kids are on psychiatric drugs

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