Satanic Establishment’s Ongoing War on Christianity

When kids recite the usual establishment PR about satanism, that it preaches “do what thou wilt” they don’t seem to understand that what they can do for themselves and what a satanic billionaire can do to them is universes apart.   This is not a religion of freedom and tolerance.   Satanism legitimates rule by the powerful, which is what we already have.   But legitimating the status quo as a religion does take it to a new level.   Most of humanity outgrew such primitive barbarism centuries ago, but it seems the elites are still stuck  in roman times.    And their obviously focussed campaign against Christianity is very telling.  The invention of the printing press, giving commoners access to the bible and the notion of their own divine design, gave rise to the renaissance, the enlightenment and the idea of human and civil rights under self-rule.   To the satanic elite and their invisible government, all this was a catastrophe which they’re still trying to undo, by rooting out its cultural sources.

As far as I can tell, Christianity is the most powerful and natural way to rise above the demonic entities which infest this world and avoid becoming a slave to demons yourself, by emotionally connecting to the divine.   Demonic possession is form of mind control, sometimes the control is imposed by other people, sometimes by a displaced sense of self, usually resulting from trauma.   Satanism elevates trauma to a sacrament.   Who would  consciously invite such misery into their lives, when we are all born divine?

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