Don’t Screen for Vitamin D in General Population, Says US Task Force

Seven years after concluding that evidence was insufficient to recommend screening for vitamin D deficiency in the general population, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has revisited the issue — and come up with the same conclusion.

Overall, “the current evidence is inadequate to determine whether screening for and treatment of asymptomatic low 25(OH)D levels improve clinical outcomes in community dwelling adults,” the Task Force concludes in its statement, recommending an “I” for insufficient….

“Rather than posing the question of screening the general population for vitamin D deficiency, let’s focus on ensuring that everyone consumes the age-based recommended daily allowance of vitamin D instead,” Cappola, a coauthor of the accompanying editorial, told Medscape Medical News….

Task Force members are appointed by the Director of AHRQ to serve 4-year terms. Members are screened to ensure that they have no substantial conflicts of interest that could impair the scientific integrity of the Task Force’s work….

Their refusal to do a population study ensures continued concealment of the dose-response relationship of D and all the illnesses that its deficiency creates, as well as the distribution of deficiency in the population.

They’re not only willfully ignorant about D, they’re willfully ignorant about whether they should remedy their ignorance.

“Substantial conflict of interest” … does that mean having a stake in perpetuating the status quo?   They’re nearly all MD’s.   Does that count?

Carefully cultivated ignorance keeps the blood money flowing while maintaining a superficial pretense of humanity.

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