DeSantis urges America to reject “Faucism”

(Natural News) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made an appearance the other day on “Tucker Carlson Today,” during which he had a few choice words for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) head Anthony Fauci.

DeSantis stated that despite massive pressure from Fauci and other deep state trolls to keep Florida locked down and masked forever, DeSantis instead chose to side with common sense and freedom, which has made him a target of the left.

DeSantis insists that he never lost his ability to use common sense throughout the plandemic, even when others were pushing him to conform to the official government narrative.

“If I had more data, I would have had the ability to say, ‘Wait a minute. Why would we need to close a gym for two weeks?’” DeSantis told host Tucker Carlson. “These are younger people going to work out. If you’re healthy, you’re going to end up dealing with the virus better.”

“And so, I think that it took me a few weeks, March and into April, to get enough data to say, ‘Okay, we’re not doing Faucism, we’re going to make sure our state’s open.’”

DeSantis notoriously opened back up the schools, ended the statewide mask mandates and even prohibited local municipalities from trying to reimpose or maintain such restrictions against his order that the state reopen completely as it was prior to the plandemic.

It’s time to return back to the old normal, America

As time went on, it became clear to DeSantis that the entire thing was a scam. As he realized more and more about what was truly going on, DeSantis took an even bolder stand while encouraging other states to do the same.

The result of DeSantis’ bravery is that Florida not only reopened back to normal in many areas, but Americans from other locked-down states increasingly traveled there to escape the hell of their own locales.

“Some of these states like Minnesota, California – I think the fact that they were locked down and had the opportunity [in Florida] to go out and do stuff … added fuel to the fire,” DeSantis added.

Since coming out against the plandemic lies, DeSantis has incurred the wrath of the fake news media. 60 Minutes, for instance, ran a hit segment against him that was later debunked as manufactured false news.

“They cut out everything that showed that their narrative was a piece of horse manure, and it shows how dishonest – these are smear merchants – and that’s why nobody trusts corporate media,” DeSantis commented about what 60 Minutes did to him. “They are a disaster in what they are doing.”…

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