Covid: Virtuoso liar parades her sociopathy

I’ve seen her spouting bold-faced lies about everything from guns to libertarians to 9/11, but I’ve never seen her actually leading her viewers to destruction.    If there was a prize for cruelty and betrayal she’d be a front runner.   I don’t grant her plausible deniability.   She knows exactly what she’s doing.    You don’t reach her position without buying into the elite consensus about the “useless eaters”.

Note she can’t even be bothered to stage a fake vaccination.   She simply claims she got one and gets all feely and fuzzy about it while spinning a tale about crying on her mask.   Yet her mask is pristine and dry.   Then she demographically targets her herd-minded viewers with a guilt trip about protecting other people by getting injected with an experimental gene hack for a non-pandemic non-emergency which is easily, safely and cheaply treatable with good nutrition, vitamin D and/or HCQ or ivermectin.  Her conscience is a cesspool.

Apparently she was a true believer at one time though.   Note her crooked mouth.   Probably vaccine damage.

She also claims “zero” people have died from getting a covid shot.   Apparently the CDC disagrees.  Note MSNBC posted this video on april 9th.

VAERS data released today (4/2/21) showed 50,861 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 2,249 deaths and 7,726 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 26, 2021.

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