Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, and Your DNA

Is there a connection between China, Bill Gates, YouTube, and DNA collection?

Recent reports reveal that a Chinese company with connections to the Gates Foundation is involved in COVID-19 testing and poses a potential threat to American privacy, particularly the medical and health data of those who have been tested for COVID-19.

In late January, CBS’ 60 Minutes reported:

“60 Minutes has learned Chinese company BGI Group, the largest biotech firm in the world, offered to build COVID labs in at least six states, and U.S. intelligence officials issued warnings not to share health data with BGI. 

The largest biotech firm in the world wasted no time in offering to build and run COVID testing labs in Washington, contacting its governor right after the first major COVID outbreak in the U.S. occurred there. The Chinese company, the BGI Group, made the same offer to at least five other states, including New York and California, 60 Minutes has learned. This, along with other COVID testing offers by BGI, so worried Bill Evanina, then the country’s top counterintelligence officer, that he authorized a rare public warning.”

“Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from COVID tests” declared the notice. Evanina believes the Chinese are trying to collect Americans’ DNA to win a race to control the world’s biodata.”

Evanina said a foreign entity could learn about a person’s current or future medical conditions by studying their DNA and using this information to gain a monopoly over necessary drugs and treatments.

BGI Group declined to be interviewed by 60 Minutes and said the idea that Americans genomic data has been compromised by BGI is “groundless”.

Concerns around BGI also arose in late January when Reuters reported that more than 40 publicly available documents and research papers show BGI’s links to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Reuters said the research dealt with topics as varied as mass testing for respiratory pathogens to brain science.

The Gates Foundation and BGI

In March, journalist Natalie Winter of National Pulse uncovered documentation of a relationship between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and BGI going back nearly a decade. Winter found a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Gates Foundation and BGI to “form a collaboration on global health and agricultural development with the goal of achieving common objectives in health and agricultural development.”

Specifically, this collaboration deals with developments in human, plant, and animal genomics, the study of DNA. In the press release for the MOU, the co-founder of BGI directly mentions the partnership as focused on genomics.

BGI looks forward to partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in this significant collaboration to apply genomics research to benefit global human health,” said Dr. Huanming Yang, Chairman and Co-Founder of BGI.

Bill Gates also visited BGI headquarters in 2010, according to a report from the Financial Times. The Times stated that BGI “is working towards a goal of building a huge library based on the DNA of many millions of people.” BGI’s goal is to use this information for new drugs, genetic research, and “transforming public health policy”.

It would appear the COVID-19 crisis has helped BGI and the Gates Foundation step into the role of influencing and transforming international health policy….

As European Parliament Approves Vaccine Certificate, Document Proves Plans In the Works Since 2019

European travelers can expect to travel beginning in June with the help of the European Union’s freshly approved COVID-19 immunity passports, however, a deeper look reveals the passports have been in the works since at least 2019.

On Thursday, the European Union announced plans to move forward to the next phase of rolling out their version of controversial “immunity passports” across Europe. Representatives of the EU member states debated the roll out of the certificate on Wednesday and announced the results on Thursday morning. The vote was 540 yes, 119 no, and 31 abstentions. The implementation of the “EU Covid-19 certificate” is expected to happen in early June.

The EU COVID-19 certificate will be a digital and/or paper certificate with a QR code which allows anyone who has been fully vaccinated, has proof of a negative COVID-19 test, or has recovered from COVID-19, to travel across the European Union. So although these are often referred to as “immunity” passports, they do not necessarily represent immunity or even vaccine status since individuals can also use a negative COVID-19 test to receive one. …


Italian MEP Piernicola Pedicini warned against rushing the approval process of the certificates, stating “Haste is not a wise counsel.” He also raised concerns about the committee stage for the certificate legislation being skipped.

The next step of implementing the certificate involves negotiations between the European Parliament and the leaders of the 27 EU member states about how each nations will initiate the certificate system. Each member state must set up infrastructure to issue, verify, and store the certificates data. By June the so-called “EU gateway” will open up allowing member states to join the program.

Free Movement?

During the lead up to the vote, MEPs argued that the certificate should not be used as a tool for discrimination. Rather, they argued, the certificate should be a tool for “facilitating freedom of movement”. Before Wednesday’s vote, Stella Kyriakides EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, stated that the certificate is “crucial to assist the Member States in the fight against the pandemic while allowing citizens to exercise their free movement rights in a coordinated and safe manner.”

However, the idea that the EU COVID-19 certificate grants people their right to move about freely is ridiculous at best, and horrifying at worst. The government – any government – does not grant the people their rights. Additionally, this certificate and similar vaccine passport schemes are explicitly about discriminating against certain people. Specifically, those who have yet to be or choose not to be vaccinated….

Fore Knowledge and The Great Reset

As TLAV has reported since July 2020, the push for vaccine passports is all part of the larger push for a “Great Reset” and the transformation of every industry on the planet. These passport schemes are only going to increase in the coming months.

In fact, The New York Times Travel section recently ran a piece breaking down all the places in the world with existing vaccine passports and apps. In Denmark, the Coronapas app allows customers who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 to enter bars, restaurants and museums. The “Green Pass” in Israel is already dividing up society between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, with only those with the pass allowed to access hotels, gyms, and theaters – theirs specifically disallowing natural immunity for compliance. Estonia and New York state have similar apps already in place.

From my July 2020 report:

“The predetermined path we are being led down is known as “The Great Reset” and was announced in early June by the World Economic Forum. Regular readers will remember that on October 18, 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the WEF on a high-level pandemic exercise known as Event 201. Event 201 simulated how the world would respond to a coronavirus pandemic which swept around the planet. The simulation imagined 65 million people dying, mass lock downs, quarantines, censorship of alternative viewpoints under the guise of fighting “disinformation,” and even floated the idea of arresting people who question the pandemic narrative.”

The World Economic Forum and associates have been pushing the idea of immunity/vaccine passports since last summer and the fact that these schemes are now reality is no coincidence. The fact that the European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, is partnered with the WEF is also no accident. In January, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke at the WEF’s annual Davos week that was specifically dedicated to The Great Reset vision.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there is no better place than the World Economic Forum to find out about the major trends in our society,” von der Leyen said“And this year, the World Economic Forum is once again asking the right questions with your initiative, Klaus, ‘The Great Reset’. We must learn from this crisis.”

While the WEF and the Gates Foundation coincidentally simulated a pandemic mere months before COVID-19 was the buzz of 2020, the European Union MEPs also seem to have a keen foresight and ability to predict the future. A document listed on the European Union’s website shows a 2019-2022 RoadMap on “Strengthening Cooperation Against Vaccine Preventable Diseases” which makes it clear that Europe’s highest legislative body had planned for years to develop some type of vaccine passport. The EU’s website details how the Road Map has been in development since December 2017….

The WEF’s plan for a “Great Reset” is international in scope. There will likely be no nation spared from the attempts to transform our world and remake it in the vision of the Predator Class. Time is short for those who wish to exercise their voices and speak against the loss of freedom of movement. We either speak up now and stop the Great Reset vision in favor of a Greater Reset, a People’s Reset, or get comfortable in our digital prisons.

If You Want to Save Your Children You Need to See This BEFORE IT IS BLOCKED!

This is a very disturbing video. Unfortunately, it is based on actual information that is usually suppressed. Also, if you want to learn more, read the comments section.

Julian Assange Languishes in a British Super Max Prison at the Behest of the Biden Regime

Ten years ago WikiLeaks began its release of the infamous Gitmo files (Guantánamo Bay) for which Julian Assange faces a 40 year prison sentence if extradited to the United States.

The Gitmo files expose the systematic and routine violations of the Geneva Convention and the abuse and torture of nearly 800 prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. They reveal that the United States government knowingly imprisoned 150 innocent men and boys without charge. These prisoners ranged from an 89 year old Afghan man with dementia to a 14 year old boy who had been kidnapped.

The Standard Operating Procedure manual of Camp Delta was revealed by WikiLeaks. It shows how the American military routinely engaged in practices that contravened the Geneva Conventions. These human rights violations included the routine use of both physical and psychological torture on prisoners. One particularly notorious technique employed by the American military was the torture technique that involved waterboarding i.e. the simulated drowning of prisoners in an attempt to obtain a confession.

Investigative Journalist Andy Worthington used the Gitmo Files to expose the repeated lies of the United States government that it was not detaining children at Guantánamo Bay. Worthington’s investigations revealed at least 22 children were held at Guantánamo Bay in direct contravention of international law. The Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict notes that, “the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation and social reintegration of children who are victims of armed conflict,” and not to punish them by imprisoning them alongside adult prisoners.

On 15 June 2011 Worthington observed:

“It remains disgraceful that so many juveniles were held at Guantánamo — and that three former child prisoners are still held — but it is just as disgusting that, under President Obama, one of these former child prisoners was obliged to accept that, in modern-day America, lawmakers and the executive branch, without a murmur of dissent from the judiciary, have arranged for opponents of the US military in wartime to be criminalized, their actions regarded incorrectly as war crimes, and their very existence declared illegal.’’

Julian Assange a victim of Psychological Torture

Here we are 10 years later and the man who helped expose these crimes now resides in a British supermax prison full of convicted murders and armed robbers.

Julian Assange is kept in solitary confinement amidst incredibly restrictive and harsh conditions. He has been denied visits from his family for over six months now. During this last winter he has been denied the warm clothing sent by his family and left to shiver in a cold prison cell against the background of a deadly global pandemic.

Julian Assange is suffering from a variety of physical and mental health conditions yet he is expected to prepare his defence against extradition to the United Sates from his prison cell. This outrageous state of affairs has led Professor Nils Meltzer, who is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, to call for the British government to release Julian Assange’s from prison.

On 17 April Prof Meltzer spoke at the International Symposium of Parliamentarians in the case of Julian Assange. Special rapporteur Meltzer visited Julian in Belmarsh prison in May 2019 accompanied by two experts in physical and psychological torture. They each examined the WikiLeaks editor separately. The evidence gathered from these separate assessments led Professor Melzer to state unequivocally that Julian Assange was a victim of psychological torture at the hands of four states working in tandem.

During his briefing Nils Melzer addressed parliamentarians from 40 countries and gave a damning indictment of how the US, UK, Sweden and Ecuador had come together to persecute a journalist for exposing evidence of war crimes.

“What is being done here is a prosecution that is not pursuing law and justice but is pursuing political purposes. And therefore it is a persecution it is not a prosecution. All of this hinges on the good faith of the prosecuting states and here I am talking not only about the United States, I’m also speaking of the United Kingdom. I’m speaking of Sweden. I’m speaking of Ecuador. In all of those four states in every single proceeding that happened against Julian Assange or involving his procedural rights, I can assert that as an international lawyer his procedural rights have been systematically violated in each stage of each proceeding in each jurisdiction.’’

Meltzer also told parliamentarians how he had written to all four states declaring that he had identified serious violations of human rights law in the case of Julian Assange. He further added that he had asked for those states to cooperate with his investigation. Melzer pointed out that all four states refused to engage in any kind of constructive dialogue with him.

The Future

It is possible that in May the High Court in London will begin to hear the appeal of the Biden regime against the January court decision not to extradite Julian Assange to the US.

Now more than ever it is vitally important that ordinary people across the world take actions to support a journalist who is threatened with 175 years in prison for exposing war crimes, torture and corruption.

The Labour Party leadership must end its shameful silence over this case and demand that the UK government comply with its obligations under international human rights law and release Assange from prison.

You can make a donation to the legal defence of Julian Assange by clicking on the link here.

Former Pfizer VP: ‘Eugenicists Have Got Hold Of The Levers Of Power’

In The Tempest, William Shakespeare wrote, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”  Eugenics on any scale is evil, but a global eugenics program is simply inconceivable, and yet it is a possibility that must be urgently discussed and neutralized before irreparable damage is done to the earth’s population. ⁃ TN Editor

Mike Yeadon is a soft-spoken microbiologist and a former vice-president of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer. He spent 32 years working for large pharmaceutical companies and is a leading expert on viral respiratory infections.

He is also a man on a mission, and his mission is to inform as many people as possible about the elite power brokers that are using the pandemic as a smokescreen to conceal their real objectives. Here’s Yeadon in a recent interview:1

“If you wanted to depopulate a significant portion of the world, and to do it in a way that wouldn’t require destruction of the environment with nuclear weapons, or poisoning everyone with anthrax or something, and you wanted plausible deniability, whilst you had a multi-year infectious disease crisis; I don’t think you could come up with a better plan of work than what seems to be in front of me.

I can’t say that’s what they’re going to do, but I cannot think of a benign explanation for why they are doing it.”

“Depopulation?” Who said anything about depopulation? Isn’t it a bit of a stretch to go from a mass vaccination campaign to allegations of a conspiracy to “depopulate a significant portion of the world?” Indeed, it is, but Yeadon has done extensive research on the matter and provides compelling evidence that such a diabolical objective may, in fact, be the goal.

Humans Are Capable of Unimaginable Viciousness and Cruelty

Moreover, it is not for lack of proof that people are not persuaded that Yeadon is right, but something more fundamental; the inability to grasp that men are capable of almost-unimaginable viciousness and cruelty. Here’s Yeadon again:2

“It’s become absolutely clear to me, even when I talk to intelligent people, friends, acquaintances … and they can tell I’m telling them something important, but they get to the point [where I say] ‘your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death and that of your children,’ and they can’t begin to engage with it.

And I think maybe 10% of them understand what I said, and 90% of those blank their understanding of it because it is too difficult. And my concern is, we are going to lose this, because people will not deal with the possibility that anyone is so evil …

But I remind you of what happened in Russia in the 20th century, what happened in 1933 to 1945, what happened in, you know, Southeast Asia in some of the most awful times in the post-war era. And, what happened in China with Mao and so on … We’ve only got to look back two or three generations. All around us there are people who are as bad as the people doing this.

They’re all around us. So, I say to folks, the only thing that really marks this one out, is its scale. But actually, this is probably less bloody, it’s less personal, isn’t it? The people who are steering this … it’s going to be much easier for them. They don’t have to shoot anyone in the face.

They don’t have to beat someone to death with a baseball bat, or freeze them, starve them, make them work until they die. All of those things did happen two or three generations back … That’s how close we are. And all I’m saying is, some shifts like that are happening again, but now they are using molecular biology.”

People ‘Cannot Imagine Anything so Demonic’

He’s right, isn’t he? Whereas, a great many people know that the government, the media and the public health officials have been lying to them about everything from the efficacy of masks, social distancing and lockdowns, to the life-threatening dangers of experimental vaccines, they still refuse to believe that the people orchestrating this operation might be pushing them inexorably toward infertility or an early death.

They cannot imagine anything so demonic, so they stick their heads in the sand and pretend not to see what is going on right beneath their noses. It’s called “denial” and it is only strengthening the position of the puppet masters that are operating behind the scenes. Here’s more from Yeadon:3

“… In the last year I have realized that my government and its advisers are lying in the faces of the British people about everything to do with this coronavirus. Absolutely everything. It’s a fallacy this idea of asymptomatic transmission and that you don’t have symptoms, but you are a source of a virus.

That lockdowns work, that masks have a protective value obviously for you or someone else, and that variants are scary things and we even need to close international borders in case some of these nasty foreign variants get in.”….

China’s social credit program creeps into Canada

(L-R) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Defense stand in salute to the PLA at a dinner in Vancouver, in 2019, following the arrest of Meng two months earlier. (Still from video) and Inside Vancouver’s Haidilao restaurant, where over 60 surveillance cameras are installed, two for each table and in staff areas.

 China’s surveillance system of ‘social credit’ has expanded globally and is now openly operational in Western Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: China’s Orwellian “social credit system” that records the social and financial behaviour of individuals and corporations across China, using a vast surveillance system, has expanded globally, and is now openly operational at the renowned Haidilao hot pot restaurant, in Western Canada.

Ryan Pan, a manager with Haidilao Hot Pot in Vancouver confirmed that over 60 surveillance cameras have been installed in the restaurant at the request of the Haidilao corporation, as part of the social credit system in China. He said that the Vancouver location has 30 tables with two cameras assigned to each table.

When asked specifically why Haidilao required so many cameras to monitor staff and patrons, Ryan Pan said that the cameras were installed to “punish” staff if they didn’t adhere to corporate standards and to “people track”. Pan also said that the video is sent back to China but declined to say why this was, other than to say the reason for this was “secret.”

Founded in Sichuan, China, the Haidilao opened up at two locations in the Vancouver region, the most recent of which was opened in 2018 in a former Swiss Chalet restaurant in the trendy Kitsilano district of Vancouver. The location is within walking distance of the home rented by Huawei for staff temporarily re-located to Vancouver to assist Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer (CFO) of the telecom giant. Following her arrest and hearing over a provisional US extradition request for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud in order to circumvent US sanctions against Iran. The Haidilao location is no more than 10 minutes to Meng Wanzhou’s mansion and the Peoples Republic of China Consulate. Haidilao has over 935 locations around the world and more than 36 million VIP members and 60,000 plus staff.

We reached out to Ivy Li, with the Canadian Friends of Hong Kong, who is a well-known public speaker, writer and activist on matters related to China and pro-democracy, to ask why Canadians should be concerned that China’s social credit system is now operational in Canada.

Ivy, who was born and raised in Hong Kong, had this to say in response: “Not only ethnic Chinese Canadians and residents, and businesses with Chinese ties are put at risk, but the privacy and safety of all Canadians and our society are compromised. Customers at a popular ethnic cuisine restaurant, especially in an upscale area, could be diplomats and politicians entertaining their guests, CEOs discussing their business strategies, professionals talking about company projects, journalists conducting interviews, etc., etc. Dinners discuss a wide range of subjects, especially after a couple of wine. The dining table in a popular restaurant is one of the best places to eavesdrop on someone and to get the pulse of a society.”


China’s social credit system was officially rolled out nationwide in 2014 with a plan to build “trust” in the marketplace and broader society. According to a report by USA Congressional Research Service (CRS) in 2020, China’s social credit system has developed into two connected but distinct systems: a system for monitoring individual behaviour, still in early pilot stages, and a more robust system for monitoring corporate behaviour.

The deadline for implementing China’s social credit system was 2020 when it became mandatory for all Chinese citizens to be enrolled in the national database and rated with a “social score” based on different behaviours; these “social scores” are then used to punish or reward. Praise the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on social media and you will be given a higher score, potentially leading to benefits such as priority for school admissions, free gym services, shorter wait times at hospitals and other benefits. Illegally protest against the CCP, forget to pay your utility bill, or knowingly associate with another individual who has a low score, and you might be restricted in accessing public services, excluded from taking transportation, or perhaps your children will be denied entry into the best schools.

A similar model is applied to businesses in China called the Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) designed to create a single, standardized reputation system for local and foreign firms alike. The system touches on virtually all aspects of a company’s business operations in China by assessing company performance, making sure they pay their taxes, uphold standard of service and other market entities. Based on their rating, Chinese authorities will reward or punish businesses that can result in penalty fees, higher inspection rates and possibly even blacklisting. Companies receiving a high corporate social credit score could result in better tax rate, market access and possibly being placed on what is known as a “redlist”.

That is inside China. What isn’t clear is how China’s social credit system impacts overseas Chinese living in Canada who work for companies with ties to China who are required to be a part of CSCS. Will the behaviours and actions taken by individuals working in Canada for Chinese companies impact the score of relatives or other employees inside China? It’s not inconceivable that a person protesting in Canada about human rights abuses in China, may not be hired by a Chinese owned company because they have been blacklisted by China’s social credit system, even if they live in Canada. What about the impact of China’s social credit system on Canadian employment laws, privacy, and human rights laws?

We know that China has already started to move forward with the creation of an English language corporate social credit system version by Xinhua Credit for non-Chinese firms.

International brands are already punished if they step out of line in and out of China. They must either stay silent or actively support China’s policies if they want future access to the Chinese market. We saw the NBA’s Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted in support of the Hong Kong protests and ultimately was forced to apologize. More recently, the boycott of H&M and other Western brands in China after they spoke out against forced labour in the cotton industry in the Xinjiang region of China. There is already a punishment-based system for corporations that don’t comply with the CCP regime regardless of compliance with China’s CSCS….

Transparency in all things