People on Volcano-Stricken Island Told They Won’t Be Rescued if They Haven’t Had the COVID Shot

People on the volcano-stricken island of St. Vincent have been told by the country’s Prime Minister that they won’t be rescued if they haven’t taken the COVID vaccine.

Yes, really.

Cruise ships were dispatched to evacuate the island after the 4,000-foot high volcano La Soufrière erupted on Friday.

However, Ralph Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, gave a press conference warning that those who hadn’t taken the jab would be left to fend for themselves.

“The chief medical officer would be identifying the persons already vaccinated so that we can get them on the ship,” Gonsalves said.

16,000 people are being evacuated from the ‘red zone’ areas of the island that are most at risk, but that number won’t include those who for whatever reason haven’t taken the shot.

“If people are willing to welcome you at a time of COVID-19, they will wish you to have the highest level of protection possible,” Gonsalves told the media.

According to local officials, some people don’t want to be evacuated because they are scared they’ll be forced to take the vaccine.

This is another example of how vaccination status is being used by governments around the world to deny people basic necessities, including being rescued from a natural disaster.

Numerous countries are preparing to implement vaccine passports which would deny the unvaccinated from entering certain venues, which could eventually extend to pubs, restaurants, cinemas and shops.

If they were serious about infection protection, they’d be testing vitamin D and zinc levels.   But they’re not serious, any more serious than when they were “fighting the war on terror” or the “war on drugs”.   It’s just an excuse for what they really want: wealth and power, and now, population control.

Covid: Virtuoso liar parades her sociopathy

I’ve seen her spouting bold-faced lies about everything from guns to libertarians to 9/11, but I’ve never seen her actually leading her viewers to destruction.    If there was a prize for cruelty and betrayal she’d be a front runner.   I don’t grant her plausible deniability.   She knows exactly what she’s doing.    You don’t reach her position without buying into the elite consensus about the “useless eaters”.

Note she can’t even be bothered to stage a fake vaccination.   She simply claims she got one and gets all feely and fuzzy about it while spinning a tale about crying on her mask.   Yet her mask is pristine and dry.   Then she demographically targets her herd-minded viewers with a guilt trip about protecting other people by getting injected with an experimental gene hack for a non-pandemic non-emergency which is easily, safely and cheaply treatable with good nutrition, vitamin D and/or HCQ or ivermectin.  Her conscience is a cesspool.

Apparently she was a true believer at one time though.   Note her crooked mouth.   Probably vaccine damage.

She also claims “zero” people have died from getting a covid shot.   Apparently the CDC disagrees.  Note MSNBC posted this video on april 9th.

VAERS data released today (4/2/21) showed 50,861 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 2,249 deaths and 7,726 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 26, 2021.

Angry White Woman on Conspiracy Theories

Crooked: Recognizing Cranial Nerve Injury

Censored: Even Low Dose Vitamin D More Effective than Vaccine Against Flu

Financial Tyranny: Footing the Tax Bill for the Government’s Fiscal Predation

We’re not living the American dream. We’re living a financial nightmare.

The U.S. government—and that includes the current administration—is spending money it doesn’t have on programs it can’t afford, and “we the taxpayers” are the ones who will be forced to foot the bill for the government’s fiscal insanity.

We’ve been sold a bill of goods by politicians promising to pay down the national debt, jumpstart the economy, rebuild our infrastructure, secure our borders, ensure our security, and make us all healthy, wealthy and happy.

None of that has come to pass, and yet we’ve still been loaded down with debt not of our own making.

This financial tyranny works the same whether it’s a Democrat or Republican at the helm.

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

The national debt (the amount the federal government has borrowed over the years and must pay back) is $28 trillion and growing. That translates to roughly $224,000 per taxpayer.

The government’s answer to the COVID-19 pandemic has been to throw more money at the problem in the form of stimulus checks, small business loans, unemployment benefits, vaccine funding, and financial bailouts for corporations. All told, the federal government’s COVID-19 spending has exceeded $4 trillion…..

What does this say about the government’s plans for the “non-essentials” in the face of an utterly staged and bogus pandemic?   Or do you still think this is all due to incompetence and random corruption?

If you love your kids, maybe you should be trying to protect them from what is coming.

131 Ways For An Infant to Die

There are 130 official ways for an infant to die (as categorized in the ICD), and one unofficial way for an infant to die: following an adverse reaction to one or more vaccines

There are 130 official ways for an infant to die. These official categories of death, sanctioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), are published in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).1-3 When a baby dies, coroners must choose from among these 130 categories.

The official causes of death listed in the ICD include nearly every imaginable — and tragic — possibility. However, there is NO category for infant deaths caused by vaccines.4 This is odd because the federal government is aware that vaccines permanently disable and kill some babies — the very reason Congress established a “death and disability” tax on childhood vaccines more than 25 years ago when the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

Many parents don’t realize that when they purchase vaccines for their babies, the cost is taxed and the money goes into a special fund to compensate them if and when those vaccines seriously injure or kill their babies. As of June 2014, $2.7 billion was granted for thousands of injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. Numerous cases are still pending. Awards were issued for permanent injuries such as learning disabilities, seizure disorders, mental retardation, paralysis, and numerous deaths, including many that were initially misclassified as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).5 ….

Coincidence: Covid-related reduction in infant vaccinations commensurate with reduction in SIDS rate

Success: 50% more U.S. infants die on the first day than all other industrialized countries combined

DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy

On Thursday May 11, 2017, UFC fighter Nick Catone tucked his healthy, beautiful little boy, Nicholas, into his crib to the sound of him saying, “Goodnight Daddy.” In the morning, Marjorie Catone went to wake the baby. And, in that moment, everything shattered. Twenty-month old Nicholas was gone.

Marjorie says, “My husband and I are super healthy. We are both athletic: Nick is a retired professional athlete and we own a successful gym and help others stay healthy and fit. I was an RN for 11 years and worked in a cardiovascular ICU (Intensive Care Unit). In 2013, we had our first child Madeline, a now three-and-a-half-year-old who is beautiful and thriving. We got pregnant again around her first birthday with our son Nicholas who was born on September 8, 2015. I had two very healthy pregnancies, I never took prescription or recreational drugs, I only consumed a prenatal vitamin and omega 3 for both pregnancies. I had an epidural but no pitocin that I’m aware of. I breastfed Nicholas for nearly nine months and he was on whole organic milk at a year old. He began table foods a little before five months and loved to eat. I am very cautious as to what my children eat. I have always believed in home-cooked and organic foods. I always prepared their meals and limited sweets and snacks. Prior to the birth of my daughter, I completed an online course at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach. I also used essential oils on my children regularly and tried to treat them at home before rushing to the pediatrician’s office. I made their own bath soaps, shampoos, hand soaps, lotions, etc… I did everything right. And I vaccinated my children.”…..

That last sentence should start with “Except”, not “And”.

International Crisis Looms as NATO to Hold Emergency Meeting With Ukraine

The government of Ukraine announced today that Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will visit NATO Headquarters tomorrow for an emergency session of the Ukraine-NATO Commission. Kuleba will meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and possibly with the North Atlantic Council (consisting of the ambassadors of all thirty NATO member states) as well.

This comes as U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken yesterday lambasted Russia for a litany of offenses on a nationwide television program, in threatening tones stating, “If Russia acts recklessly, or aggressively, there will be costs, there will be consequences.”

The upcoming NATO-Ukraine meeting will occur a week after the head of NATO’s Military Committee completed a two-day visit to Ukraine where he met with the president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, as well as inspecting the National Land Forces Academy.

The impending meeting will also occur immediately before Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visit NATO headquarters this week in overlapping visits.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba revealed that he’s held sixteen phone conversations in eleven days with the foreign ministers of NATO and NATO partner countries the U.S., Britain, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as with the European High Representative and the secretary general of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. In addition to the above contacts, he also said, “The heads of the Foreign Ministries of Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Foreign Ministry have firmly declared their solidarity with Ukraine.”

On April 10 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan assured Ukrainian President Zelensky of his nation’s support for the expulsion of Russia from Crimea, the subjugation of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics in the Donbass and Ukraine’s admission into NATO. That even led the ever-timid Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to warn today: “We strongly recommend that all responsible nations which we are in contact with – among them Turkey, that they analyse the situation, the never-ending militaristic statements by the regime in Kiev. We warn them against feeding these militaristic sentiments.”

Lavrov added this uncharacteristically blunt statement: “We are asked what Russia is doing on the border with Ukraine. The answer is very simple – we live here, this is our country. But what the United States is doing via its warships and troops, which are constantly organising some kind of events in Ukraine under the auspices of NATO, thousands of kilometres from America’s own territory – this question still remains unanswered.”…


Joe Bidens Going To Get Us All Killed! Prepare For World War 3

This Human Rights Attorney Has This to Say About the COVID Vaccine

This attorney is also apparently a grandmother and every parent and grandparent should listen and emulate her passion for the safety of children everywhere. We are not guinea pigs and testing on human subjects is illegal according to the Nuremberg Code. She talks hard, loud and fast, but is worth listening to. It’s only 3.5 minutes, so she has to pack a lot into a little time.

The COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental medical protocol authorized only as an emergency use, yet schools are meeting with health officials and bypassing parental consent rights to set up vaccination clinics within schools’ walls — but human rights attorney Leigh Dundas is having nothing of it.

In this video, Dundas emphasizes that the COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental procedure, and “you cannot mandate it, nor can you sidestep informed consent” — particularly with children. “There is a reason kids cannot smoke, drive, drink, have sex, vote or die for this country,” she says, and one reason is because they’re not mature enough to make informed, intelligent decisions. The same goes for choosing to line up for these experimental vaccines, she says.

“Hear me loud and hear me clear: We will not be morphing our school campuses into COVID vaccine centers for delivery of an experimental medical protocol that killed every damn ferret in the last animal study.”

Westall: It’s a Crafted Media Illusion w/ Ole Dammegard and Cody Snodgres

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