Alex Jones EMERGENCY BROADCAST: World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

A 2017 Johns Hopkins document details plans for Big Pharma global domination.

“This document is the holy grail. The key to defeating the globalists.” — Alex Jones

Alex Jones breaks down the shocking information contained in the so-called SPARS 2025-2028 document which details another horrifying worldwide pandemic scenario and how governments can better impose control over their citizens and merge cooperative efforts into a global government body.

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Gen. Flynn Calls for Investigation into SPARS 2025

Coincidence: HHS Proposes Making It Harder to Get Vaccine Injury Compensation

Coincidence: Covid Vaccination Reports From the Field Will Be Delayed

Study: COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

Endogenous Reverse Transcriptase Could Allow mRNA Vaccines to Permanently Alter DNA

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RFK Jr: Gardasil HPV Vaccine Robbed Teens of ‘Happy’ Life

“I was a happy kid. But that changed after Gardasil. The things I loved doing most were ripped away from me … I want my old life back.” — Korrine Herlth

Korrine Herlth grew up with a passion for music and a love for animals that she dreamed of turning into a career. She was an active member of several choirs and regularly performed in concerts. She was a well-rounded teen with an exceptional academic record and broad range of other hobbies and interests.

In 2013, Korrine received two doses of Gardasil’s HPV vaccine. Andrea Herlth consented to her daughter’s vaccination after Merck’s years of deceptive marketing exhausted her initial reluctance. Merck’s fraudulent ads claimed that the vaccine is safe, that it prevents cancer and that good mothers vaccinate their daughters with Gardasil.

After her second Gardasil jab, Korrine consulted multiple physicians to address an expanding list of health problems, including daily seizures, convulsions, vision loss, vertigo, endometriosis and many others.

Because she had trouble walking and focusing, Korrine stopped attending school and participating in choir and other activities. She shifted to homeschooling. With hard work, she graduated with her classmates, walking to receive her diploma — with the help of her guide dog.

Now 22, Korrine’s life is an endless parade of doctor appointments. Her diagnoses include postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS), almost total vision loss (she is legally blind), and seizure disorders.

Andrea Herlth says she never would have allowed her daughter to receive the Gardasil vaccine if she had known it might plunge Korrine from her idyllic life as a happy gifted child with a bright future into a nightmare existence of debilitating agony.

This is the eighth Gardasil lawsuit Baum Hedlund and I have filed against Merck challenging the company’s dangerous and defective HPV vaccine for causing severe and life changing injuries.

In addition to Korrine’s case filed this week, we have filed cases on behalf of Kayla Carrillo of California, Michael Colbath of California, Sahara Walker of Wisconsin, Zach Otto of Colorado, Julia Balasco of Rhode Island and two others.

While each case is unique, they share common threads: All of our clients were happy, healthy, bright, active kids with unlimited potential until they received the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

We look forward to getting these cases in front of a jury as soon as possible.

Feds Warn Mortgage Firms: “Tidal Wave Of Distress” Coming As “Forbearance” Programs Set To Lapse

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) warned mortgage firms Thursday “to take all necessary steps now to prevent a wave of avoidable foreclosures this fall.” 

As of March 30, approximately 2.54 million homeowners remain in forbearance or about 4.8% of all mortgages, according to the latest data from Black Knight’s McDash Flash Forbearance Tracker.

CFPB said mortgage firms should “dedicate sufficient resources and staff now to ensure they are prepared for a surge in borrowers needing help.” To avoid what the agency called “avoidable foreclosures” when the forbearance relief lapses, mortgage servicers should begin contacting affected homeowners now to guide them on ways they can modify their loans….

The solution is obvious, as I’ve said before.   Eliminate payments on loan principal, which is only destroyed by the bank anyway as the loan is paid off.   Funneling money down the drain at the street level in order to “necessitate” fresh infusions of cash from above, while percolating real wealth upward only benefits the TBTF banks who reap the deluge at the top.     This system persists because of widespread ignorance of how it works.

VAX THE BLACKS: Vermont says only “people of color” can receive jab for Covid-19 unless they’re over 50

(Natural News) The “progressive” state of Vermont has established racial exclusions within its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection schedule that allow for “people of color” (POC) to be jabbed before “white” people.

Light-skinned Vermonters are now allowed to get injected for the Chinese virus just so long as they are 50 years of age or older. Dark-skinned Vermonters, meanwhile, are eligible if they are 16 years of age or older….

Black people should be very wary of satanic corporations and governments bearing gifts.   If they’re concerned with your health, why aren’t they shouting about vitamin D from the rooftops?   The agenda is the same as it’s always been.   Depopulation is their highest priority, and black people are at the top of their list of non-essentials.

Study: COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

Medicalized Eugenics in Evidence as COVID-19 Disproportionately Kills African Americans

IT BEGINS: Cornell University Will Require Covid-19 Vaccination For Staff and Students Returning For Fall Semester

New York – Cornell University is now mandating Covid-19 vaccines for staff and students returning to Ithaca, Geneva and Tech campuses for the Fall semester.

This is a dangerous trend and more universities will follow suit.

Last week Rutgers University in New Jersey mandated Covid-19 vaccines for students and staffers and other colleges are expected to jump on the train.

“With the recent announcements of expanded vaccine eligibility in New York and other states, and increasing vaccine production, it is likely that all members of our community will be able to obtain vaccination sometime this spring or summer,” Cornell President Martha Pollack and Provost Michael Kotlikoff said in a statement on Friday.

TRENDING: After Pulling All-Star Game from Atlanta, MLB Hit With Threat to Antitrust Exemption

“Accordingly, Cornell intends to require vaccination for students returning to Ithaca, Geneva, and Cornell Tech campuses for the fall semester.”

The Provost said medical and religious exemptions will be accommodated, however their expectation will be that their campuses and classrooms “will overwhelmingly consist of vaccinated individuals.”

The Biden Administration is now working to launch “vaccine passports” so Americans can prove they’ve been inoculated.

The vaccine passports will be the key to returning to normalcy and may actually control who is allowed to participate in the workforce.

The Biden Admin is claiming the federal government won’t get involved in vaccine passports, but they will outsource the tyranny to universities and corporations so Americans can’t fly, go to school or participate in the exchange of commerce unless they are vaccinated.

I notice they said staff and students.   Does that mean faculty is exempt?

And you thought we still had a “commons”.   Even streets and sidewalks are controlled by covidians thanks to the scamdemic.  It seems the entire planet is under the control of a very few and very predatory interests.    Organized crime is the new ideology.

Epstein Network Graph: Structure of Blackmail Control

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and apparent death has caused numerous researchers to dive deep into his associates, foundations and funding. The evidence shows that his network extends quickly into almost every corridor of power and a wide variety of major global crime syndicates whose activity includes human trafficking, weapons and drug smuggling. This unlawful activity sits simultaneous to funding of cutting edge scientific research and likely also blackmail of a variety of powerful figures. We may never know all the details of his activity, but this map helps us to make sense of a very complicated situation.

The information used to create this graphs has come via numerous news sources, books, court cases and witness testimonies. The creators of this graph can neither prove nor disprove every claim and connection presented here and are not responsible for any actions taken as a result of either correct or incorrect conclusions drawn by others in response to it’s information.

Tips for use:

– Each node can be clicked to bring it’s connections into greater focus.
– The busyness of the map means that you will need to zoom in and scroll around to view the details clearly. You can zoom in/out using a mousewheel or equivalent.
– Once a node has been selected, you can then click the ‘expand’ link in the resulting popup/info window to view the full details of the person or organisation you have clicked on. There will often be text, quotes and links available for further research.

This map is regularly updated – please refresh the map page in your browser for the latest version.

Why Jeffrey Epstein surrounded himself with scientists

Censored: The Deeper Epstein Scandals

Goodbye War on Terror, Hello Permanent Pandemic

Those in positions of power have long recognized that conditions of fear and panic furnish exploitable opportunities to restructure society. COVID-19 is certainly a textbook example of this observation, illustrating that well-tuned fear campaigns can persuade many people to abandon essential medical and individual freedoms.

One of the key elements in the propagandist’s toolkit for perpetuating fear is repetition, particularly if the fear messages come from different directions and sources and are cloaked in a veneer of officialdom and respectability.

Thus, in the first few months of 2021, we have seen a proliferation of admonishments telling Americans that pandemics pose an “existential threat” to the United States and are here to stay.

‘Existential threats’ — history repeats

In January, a bipartisan commission released a dramatic 44-page report calling for an “Apollo Program for Biodefense,” explicitly comparing the proposal to the efforts that first landed humans on the moon. The commission laid the groundwork for its report in 2015, when it published a National Blueprint for Biodefense.

Now, seizing the COVID-19 moment, the commission is making the case for a vastly expanded biodefense budget — amounting to billions of biodefense dollars annually — to implement its conveniently ready-to-go blueprint.

Key members of the Biodefense Commission used the “existential threat” language in the aftermath of 9/11 in reference to terrorism — the same language they are using now regarding pandemics. Commission Chair Joseph Lieberman championed the post-9/11 creation of the Department of Homeland Security; Co-chair Thomas Ridge served as the first Homeland Security director.

Around 2014, world leaders began signaling their intent to swap out the War on Terror for a new narrative. That fall, President Obama hosted the first major meeting of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) — which he later elevated to a national priority — and soon thereafter pronounced the terrorist threat “over-inflated.”

Observing the downplaying of terrorism by Obama and senior administration officials, including then-Vice President Biden, journalists at The Guardian chimed in, calling assertions of an “existential [terrorist] threat” hyperbolic, “zany” and “absurd.” The next year, the Biodefense Commission issued its National Blueprint.

Brace yourself

Dovetailing with the Biodefense Commission’s report, the media are telling the public to “start planning for a permanent pandemic.” For example, deploying the loaded language so favored by propagandists, German-American writer Andreas Kluth warned Americans on March 24 (in Bloomberg) of a “global arms race” pitting “coronavirus mutations … against vaccinations,” suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 could “become our permanent enemy, like the flu but worse.”

A former writer for The Economist and a self-styled interpreter of historical successes and failures, Kluth conjures up a foe — a mutating virus too “protean and elusive” to ever be conquered — that undoubtedly hits the biodefense wonks’ sweet spot. Far from rejecting pandemic hyperbole as “zany” or “absurd,” Kluth instead cheerlessly advises Americans to brace for “endless cycles of outbreaks and remissions, social restrictions and relaxations, lockdowns and reopenings.”…

Global control grid

As Children’s Health Defense and others have pointed out, COVID-19 — and the spectre of pandemics more generally — offer a handy pretext for the wider financial and governance overhaul that is unfolding, benefiting the few while building out a global control grid for the many.

In this context, we should not be surprised to see that the Biodefense Commission’s report highlights 15 core technology priorities that would fundamentally restructure society and daily life — in both the physical and digital realms — in the service of pathogen vigilance. These include:

  • A National Public Health Data System to “integrate, curate and analyze” granular data at all levels in “real time.”
  • Artificial-intelligence-driven “digital pathogen surveillance” involving tracking of data sources like social media, online forums and internet search queries.
  • “Pathogen transmission suppression in the built environment,” including “air filtration and sterilization systems” that could involve diffusion of nanoparticles (no consent required) via HVAC systems.
  • “Needle-free” methods of drug and vaccine administration to “increase uptake” and work around “the logistical challenges of delivering these pharmaceuticals to potentially billions of people.”…

Censored: Even Low Dose Vitamin D More Effective than Vaccine Against Flu

Why COVID Doctors May Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Code

An increasing focus among lawyers filing lawsuits against perpetrators of the COVID19 mass vaccination debacle are prosecutions of doctors violating the international Nuremberg Code. Here, we examine what the Code requires of all medical doctors.

In a recent video, Immunology expert Dr. Dolores Cahill and Trial attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich discussed specific adverse outcomes – some deadly – triggered by injection of the genetically modified and reprogrammed coronavirus mRNA jab (described erroneously as a vaccine – it isn’t!).

Among the evidence presented shows possible criminality of medical practitioners of falsifying death certificates.  Below, we present a copy of a 1996 document from the British Medical Journal(BMJ) setting out the details of what constitutes ethical practice among medical doctors….

Transparency in all things