Vera Sharav, Nazi Survivor: History is Repeating Itself

Her web site is

Schwab Family Values

Who is Bill Gates?

Note the fascist conditioning in the USA has been happening for many decades via obstetrical abuse, circumcision, “education”, mass drugging (legal and illegal) and destruction of the family.   Germany was an experiment, the USA was the clinical trial, China is in production mode.   All 3 societies had/have been subjected to medicalized child abuse for years prior to the rollout of their respective empires.   This is a formula.

The Political Consequences of Child Abuse

Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Communism

USA: Land of Psychopaths

Medical Psychopaths Take a Stand Against Violence

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Child Abuse as a Tool of Social Control

Fearmongering by Gates Raises Question of Staged Bioattack in USA

Chinese Are New Targets for Destruction of the Family

MSM Glosses Over Reference to Chinese “Nazis” by Former Bloomberg Editor

Report: Chinese Defense Minister Called for Colonization of North America via Biowarfare circa 2003

Is Vaccine Pusher Richard Pan a Chinese Intel Operative?

Medicalized Eugenics in Evidence as COVID-19 Disproportionately Kills African Americans

Covid-19 Patients Being Purposefully Murdered, Says Whistleblower Nurse


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