Irregular Ballots from the 2020 Election in Arizona Can be Destroyed Six Months After the Election

Jovan Pulitzer reported today that we may not have as much time as expected to audit the ballots from the 2020 election in Arizona.  In fact, we are only months away.

Jovan Pulitzer has a process where he believes he can identify invalid ballots from the 2020 election based on paper, ink, layout, and folds in ballots recorded in the election.  His work is expected to produce an inventory of invalid ballots and then determine the final results from the election based on valid ballots.

Pulitzer shared this morning:

But you want to know a little inside bit?  If you read the subpoenas and if you read this motion to compell, or whatever.  Did you know the irregular ballots are able to be gotten rid of and destroyed within six months from the election.  There is cause to dispose of them, why do you think all the delay in tactics?  A little bit of truth I just thought you should know….

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