Invisible Government Coaxes Vaccine Compliance in Blacks, Christians

The problem for the invisible government is that it must manifest in order to impose its will.  The invisible man isn’t so invisible when he has clothes on.   And it’s not a choice between “science” and faith.   It’s always been between the state and humanity.   Sometimes the state clothes itself in “science”, sometimes in “faith”.    But the deeper you go into science, the more the faith that you are becomes emergent.

Blessing by way of medicine: These pastors preach COVID-19 vaccination as God’s healing power
Prayer and modern medicine “are not mutually exclusive,” one pastor says.

… Across the nation, vaccine hesitancy is not just a matter of race; it’s also a spiritual issue that’s running widespread in many faith-based communities. According to a recent Pew study, nearly 50% of white evangelicals say they won’t take the coronavirus vaccine, as do more than 30% of African-American Protestants. …

African-Americans are 2.3 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than white Americans, according to a study conducted by the APM Research Lab. Enduring disparities in health care, along with other social and economic inequalities, have resulted in the disproportionately negative impact Black Americans have faced when it comes to COVID-19….

Billy Graham, who many evangelical leaders continue to admire years after his death, was born at the height of the 1918 flu pandemic, which claimed several members of the Graham family.

“Anytime there was a vaccine or something that could help protect you, he was an advocate for, he took it,” said his son Franklin Graham. “I think if there were vaccines available in the time of Christ, Jesus would have made reference to them and used them.”

Medicalized Eugenics in Evidence as COVID-19 Disproportionately Kills African Americans

Franklin Graham Supports Voodoo Doughnut Child Traffickers?


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