Alex Jones 3/24/21: Child Trafficking at the Border, Mutilating Kids, Joe Hoft …

I’m pretty sure Alex knows about the US medical genital mutilation scandal but he knows most people can’t handle it.   I can see why he won’t bring it up.   But it feeds right into the pornography, pedophile and family breakup problems.

“Persons who have lost body parts must grieve their loss. The first stage of grief is denial of the loss. Fitzgerald and Parkes state that `Anything that seriously impairs sensory or cognitive function is bound to have profound psychological effects’ […] Circumcision causes the loss of a body part and all of its functions including a drastic loss of erogenous sensory function, so denial of loss is not uncommon in circumcised males. […] This frequently results in circumcised fathers adamantly insisting that a son be circumcised. […] Goldman states that some circumcised male medical doctors misuse the medical literature to support, rationalize, and justify their own loss; and to defend the practice of circumcision. Denniston reports that doctors `who have been cut themselves may be unable to stop cutting others.'” [78

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