Holistic Doctors who Mysteriously Died Knew this “Hidden Cure” for Cancer and Autism

Between June 19 and July 23 (2015) eight holistic doctors (at least five with connections to Florida) were found dead – each death unexpected and mysterious.

It all started with the death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a well-known autism researcher – killed by a gunshot to the chest. He died shortly after FDA raided his clinic, which raised alarm in many people’s heads. (He wasn’t only doctor who was raided right before their death).

What’s the motive? There’s a surprising link being found between many of these doctors– they knew what GcMAF was.

GcMAF is a “Vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor” that has the potential to cure the incurable diseases: cancer, autism, and Parkinson’s, according to the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine. GcMAF is the most important part of the immune system, without it the immune system does not function.  GcMAF prevents the cancer cells from receiving nutrients, thus stopping their growth.

GcMAF is produced naturally in the body, but its challenge is an enzyme called Nagalase, which reduces GcMAF. Nagalase is produced by cancer cells and viruses, such as Epstein-Barr virus, and chances are, most of us have higher levels of Nagalase than GcMAF. Introducing GcMAF into the body through injection rebuilds the person’s immune system to fight again and heal the body.

The GcMAF products are made in Europe. One of the companies had been recently shut down by “overseas regulatory agencies.” It is still available if you know where to look; after everything that happened these sources are the most careful with their information.

First Immune GcMAF, an information-only site from Belgium now has an open petition.

Their statement: “To disband the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and its big pharma board of directors, which protects the old billion dollar monopolies of the big pharmaceuticals, and ruthlessly closes down effective, inexpensive scientific discoveries.”

Dr. Bradstreet used GcMAF on 1,100 patients with autism, and claimed an 85% success rate – it reversed some or all autism symptoms in just three weeks.

People have since left glowing testimonials of GcMAF treatment helping their kids with autism, ovarian, lung and breast cancers on Dr. Bradstreet’s Facebook wall.

GoFundMe campaign was created to “find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr. Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play.”

The page 634 donors and 43 comments of support to the family. Many comments say that Dr. Bradstreet helped their children.

“His research was a threat to many representing huge financial losses in the hundreds of billions, if the direction his research was validating came to be accepted as ‘fact,’” one of the commenters wrote on the page, “If Jeff’s strong suspicions are right regarding cause and causes of autism, legal actions against those corporations implicated would be staggering and possibly unprecedented in the history of world finance.”

Current list of doctors who have died: Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Bruce Hedendal, Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, Dr. Baron Holt, Dr. Ron Schwartz, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Lisa Riley, Dr. Amanda Crews.

More information

At this time, there is not enough information to fully prove or disprove that the doctors are all being killed, for the same reason, and by the same people or organization.

However, connecting the dots with the information we do know raises a lot of red flags. See for yourself in the video below.


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Corbett: Exposing Biden’s SECRET Plans!

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future and you don’t need secret, anonymous sources to know what the globalists are planning to do. Don’t miss this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James peels backs the curtains on the open conspiracy and details what’s likely to happen in the coming years.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee / YouTube or Download the mp4

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).

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Sibel Edmonds: Sanctuary States For Our Constitution

As our founding fathers made crystal clear, supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies- foreign and domestic, is incumbent upon every American- Not only those who must take the oath of office or naturalized citizens who take the oath of citizenship.

What happens then when the domestic enemies of our Constitution take control of our Federal Government, begin attacking and eliminating our Constitutional Rights centrally, and then begin to overtly expand this erosion throughout the nation?

Enter the Tenth Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

 This crucial safeguard has been disregarded and discarded by a few states, and about to be eliminated in others. The Final and Mission Accomplished benchmark for the Enemies of our Constitution is when every state shares this status.

Unfortunately, we are nearing this benchmark-speedily. Our enemies’ synthetic terrorism pretext took away some of our most valuable rights and freedom. Their pandemic pretext has been taking away other crucial rights- including our basic human rights. Their already designed and forecast pretext, Mass-Shooting Epidemic, is being plugged in right now. And other pretexts, such as the Imminent Global Warming Catastrophe, are preplanned and scripted- ready to go per their schedule.

With all these realities on the ground, here are my questions: Are we going to sit back and wait for the inevitable end- The end of what makes the USA the USA: Our Constitution? Have we ceased believing in Constitutionalism defining the core of Americanism? What is our interpretation of defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies- foreign and domestic?

While our majority has been consistent in wearing their apathy without any shame, and justifying inaction as being safe, there are millions of us- alarmed and restless Americans, who wear our nationalism the right way- by being avid and uncompromising Constitutionalists. Sadly, some of this needed restlessness and resistance is being coopted and rechanneled into futile action: Hope and energy poured into some coming elections (as if no lesson learned or registered after the last round!), resources and faith placed on courts (as if any good has come out of the Kangaroo Courts in the past two decades- be it on Unconstitutional Police State practices such as warrantless surveillance or forced muzzling and caging!). All tried- many times. All failed-every time.

Then why not try a different and more feasible tact?

Our Tenth Amendment, almost never-utilized, is still there. Isn’t it time to put it to use in practice- as it was, and is, intended? Guarding our Constitutional rights falls upon us, but also on our state governments- and together can be formed into sanctuaries for our Constitution- to uphold and defend it.

Join me then. Let’s unite and organize. Let’s make our states “Sanctuaries for the Constitution”. It is our most feasible and doable action plan. It is Constitutional- and for our Constitution. Together- We Can, and United-We Certainly Will Win.


Welcome to the Tenth Amendment Center

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” …


CONFIRMED: Democrat Operative Was Given Secret Internet Connection to Network Where Ballots Were Counted

Green Bay city officials insist the presidential election was “administered exclusively by city staff.” But the emails show that Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Wisconsin state lead for the National Vote at Home Institute, had a troubling amount of contact with election administration Nov. 4.

“I’ll have my team create two separate SSID’s for you,” Trent Jameson, director of event technology at Green Bay’s Hyatt Regency and KI Convention Center, where the city’s Central Count was located on Election Day, wrote to Spitzer-Rubenstein.

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. It’s an internet network’s name. Open up the list of Wi-Fi networks on your laptop or phone, and the list of SSIDs will pop up. Wireless router or access points broadcast SSIDs so nearby devices can find and display any available networks…

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“Liberal” obstructs Senate delegation investigating Biden’s child trafficking facility

It’s ludicrous to think biden’s immigration policy is a humanitarian project.  If he was concerned about latin american kids he might consider shutting down the full-spectrum multi-decade bi-partisan war the US and its corporations are waging against them in their own countries.

It’s a given that a significant fraction of these kids will be sex-trafficked and/or murdered on some satanic altar.

The Media’s Silsby-Clinton Trafficking Cover-Up

Satanic Child Sacrifice in Belgium

My name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. I have been married for twenty four years to Kees van Korlaar. Together with his three brothers, Kees van Korlaar forms a criminal organization known as the Octopus Syndicate (ed. Note: This is a slang term in Holland for Ndrangheta, the modern Italian -based Mafia). They have worked from 1960 on to today. By order of Queen Beatrix they have organized the murder, torture, rape and killing of children in a public setting. They organized that through youth detention centers in the Netherlands.

The youth detention centers were told by the criminals that they were asking for the Dutch court for children who could work for the Dutch Queen for a certain period. The detention centers were very happy, they thought that Queen Beatrix was a very social person, and they gladly volunteered in giving files of certain children to the criminals. When they wanted to verify what the criminals told them, they were given a name and a phone number of a high ranking officer in the court of Queen Beatrix, and that high ranking officer would tell them that indeed the criminals were seeking children to work for a certain period at the Dutch court.

After receiving files of approximately three children every time, the criminals selected a child that had no relative or family. They told the youth detention center that those are the ones we want, the youth detention center would give clothes to the child and put the child on the train to Zwolle. In Zwolle, the criminals fetched the child from the station and brought it to a building that was equipped like a hotel but was not working as a hotel, although there were people in the lobby as if the hotel was working. The child was put on a table and was given something to drink and with that drink the child was drugged. Beside that hotel was a building where the performance took place.

In that building there were people were sitting down and at a certain moment the child was brought into that building by the criminals, was tortured, raped and brutally murdered in front of those people.

The audience was around Prince Johann Friso, the second son of Queen Beatrix. I was told that Johann Friso was quite insane and had an unhealthy interest in young children and had a psychiatrist with him every day of his life. That psychiatrist’s name was Guus Pareau Dumont. The criminals organized those killings in accordance with Queen Beatrix, she paid for the killings. And the criminals asked Johann Friso to bring his relatives and friends with him, so the whole building was filled with very important people from the Netherlands: ministers, high ranking officers and all kinds of people that the criminals could photograph so they could blackmail those people and get criminal advantages from that. ……