Nurse: “I’ll never vaccinate again”

From a Facebook post:

I’ll never vaccinate again
❤I’m a RN of 26 years.
-I’ve run flu vaccine clinics in the stores.
-I’ve run a vaccine clinic at a national guard armory.
-My 3 adult children are fully Vaccinated (my youngest is missing 1 booster).
-I’ve worked in both adult care and pediatrics, hospital and home healthcare.
If I could do it all over again
I would have NEVER vaccinated my children or myself.
💪In nursing school, I graduated Cum Laude from a prestigious Jesuit University with a 3.75 GPA. I was the last class of students who took the 2 day test for licensure and passed the first try. I’ve always been proud of myself in being a VERY conscientious nurse always doing right for my patients, guarding them from any and all harm, because I truly wanted to help them get better….as better as possible. I took my oath seriously!
🗣All we learned in nursing school was:
1) the schedule
2) side effects (the minor ones)
3) never, ever to give vaccines to anyone who is sick, feels like they’re getting sick or exposed to someone sick recently….or pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant
4) how to administer them…always pulling back on the plunger to make sure you aren’t in a blood vessel when injecting the solution. (I never see that being done anymore).
😱I never considered that vaccines had an ingredients list and truly beLIEved that everything I was taught about vaccines, was everything there was to know.
I naively thought vaccines contained:
1) viral/bacterial component
2) a small amount of immune stimulator (nothing harmful)
3) saline
I look back and think,
“how could I be so naive?”🤦
*I remember a time when we used to have patients sign the signature line ON THE INSERTS, rip them off and keep them and GIVE THE INSERTS to the patients. I don’t know when that practice stopped, and a 8×11 sheet of paper, with minimal information, was handed out instead.
*I remember holding down my kids for the nurses to administer their shots so they could stay healthy. 😢
*I remember being so conscientious about their vaccines that I had them at their visits when they were due. 😞
*I remember 2 soldiers asking me why they always seemed to get sick after getting the flu vaccine and my robotic answer. They looked at each other almost as if to say “see, told you so”, and walked away.
*I remember, after recovering my health naturally with nutrition, and having already learned about Dr Max Gerson after my sister passed from brain cancer at 52yo, asking God what else I didn’t know.
🤔”What else wasn’t I taught in nursing school?”🤦
That was shortly after Vaxxed:From Coverup To Catastrophe came out.
*I remember the 3 months it took to finally watch it because I was horrified at the thought. 🙈
*I remember the sobs watching it. I remember the sobs many days and nights after that. 😭
*I remember the endless hours, days, months watching the vaxxed stories while my kids were at school. 😭
*I remember the endless hours reading articles and comment sections, linking to research and more articles and posts and documentaries and videos. (Keep commenting-people are watching and learning in there-that’s where I found a lot of information to research!)❤
*I remember watching seminars and doctors and immunologists and researchers and….and….and…
So many nights up for 48 hours because I couldn’t put it away to sleep. There was too much to learn. To much to realize that I wasn’t taught in nursing school.🙄
😞How could I have been so naive?
*I remember coming to the realization that my own kids are vaccine injured:
Learning challenges
Auditory processing Delay
Severe Respiratory Distress
After 6 mos shots (DTaP)
Severe seperation anxiety
Severe GERD
Gastrointestinal issues
Candida overgrowth
Not to mention my own issues:
6 autoimmune diseases
*And they didn’t have to have all the challenges they have.
😭Nothing is worst though, than the horror at the thought that, at my hands, someone could’ve been injured, or worst yet, died.
❤I became a nurse because I’ve always wanted to help people.
I hate seeing suffering, I hate people being in pain. I want to alleviate suffering of any kind and that’s why I studied so hard, to know what I needed to know to help people. 🤦
That’s why I’ll always speak up now!
I’ve been the target of many trolls and troll groups. They don’t phase me. God has my back! He will protect me and my children. The armour of God will shield us from evil. I will honor God and all those I could be responsible for inadvertently harming by always being outspoken. I will do what I can to help others understand why I went from very much for vaccines to never consenting for another one again.
I had a dear friend and momma of a severely autistic boy ask me one time:
“How come you never said anything and stood up for us earlier in your nursing career?”
My answer:
“Because no one ever said anything to me.”
I seriously had no idea till 3 years ago.
🙇Please, keep talking to medical professionals. Lead them to the information. Ask them questions and help plant seeds of curiousity in their brains. Don’t give up on us. My turning point was when someone in an article comment thread asked me if I knew what MRC-5 and WI-38 are and what those are in. That’s all it took.
You never know when something you say with love and compassion will stick and set them on their own path of education and awareness. You never know what warrior you’re waking up and activating. We don’t know more than you, help us realize that!❤
—and Please, forgive us for our attitudes in reaction. We ARE taught that in nursing school! 😉

New York Will Officially Begin Requiring ‘Vaccine Passports’ On April 2

New Yorkers will be required to show “vaccine passports” — proof that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine — in order to re-enter society.

The New York Post reported that the “Excelsior Pass” would officially launch on April 2, following an announcement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) on Friday.

“Similar to a mobile airline boarding pass, individuals will be able to either print out their pass or store it on their smartphones using the Excelsior Pass Wallet app,” said a press release about the program. “Each Pass will have a secure QR code, which participating businesses and venues can scan using a companion app to verify proof of COVID-19 negative test results or proof of vaccination. An individual’s data is kept secure and confidential at all times.” …

They are devouring our sons: Moms of gender-confused boys detail

Given my experience with the mess we call “the material world”, my comment under the post “They are devouring our sons,” said:

The first assault on boys (in the name of religion) is a mutilation of their private parts – this sets up a fixation. Some come out fighting; others withdraw. Males are required to “not cry, “be strong””, even to go to war so they can kill or be killed. None of this is in line with human nature. Under these conditions, who would want to be a man in this world? But that’s not what is true.

What is true is that man was made in the image and likeness of God, which is Love and Kindness and that is the true nature of all human beings, until and uless they are traumatized by torture, mutilation, harsh “discipline”, bad social programming or unrealistic expectations. From day one (or day eight) boys are going to be very confused. Then come television, advertisements, movies, music, school, the internet, etc. It must be terribly confusing to be a child at this time in history.

Few schools teach a class in Logic, but logic would say that the notion, “If I change my gender, then I will be happy” is a logical fallacy. Happiness is a gift of the Spiit, not a gift of the body. If you are not happy here and now in the body you occupy, what makes you think you would be happy if you created other conditions? Sad to say, the suicide rate for transgender people is nearly 10 times the national rate.

Parents, protect your children from perhaps well-meaning adults who sharp wield knives, clever life-denying philosophies and the power of suggestion, hypnotic words – especially when set to rhythm, music.

Contentment is the highest form of spiritual attainment. Demons sow discontent. One who is not content with the body God blessed them with at birth is confused about the purpose of life. If YOU go deeper into the meaning and purpose of life, you can teach that to your children, rather than the fleeting things of this world. Children need SO much love and the Love they crave is only available from the Source of Love, the Giver of life – point them there. You lead and they will follow, for when YOU are content, peaceful, joyous, they will scramble to follow you, in your footsteps.

I have tremendous compassion for the parents of children of any description but especially for those who are dealing with modern problems such as gender dysphoria. But how can we expect better parenting than we ourselves received? And how can we parent if children are required to go to schools that teach them the perversion of the day?

One small detail: Luciferians raise their children to have two identities: one male and the other female. It appears they love the idea of remaking the entire world in their own image and likeness. Study the subject of Luciferianism so you can spot their influence. Transgenderism? Pedophilia? Mutilation? Torture? Fear? Torture? Sexual aberration? Punishment? Theft? Murder? Trickery? Is that what makes life sweet? It’s how they raise their children and and they want to train yours similarly.

I decided at a very early age to not have children because I didn’t want to do to anyone else what was done to me. I was circumcised (see my book, The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation & Circumcision in the USA) and as a teen, I was grateful to have been born a girl so I wouldn’t have to go to VietNam. If I had been inundated with the kind of programmngi children are given today, would I have become “Patrick”? Would I have colored my skin so I wouldn’t be white? Would I have joined a satanic cult? So grateful I had a mother and father who may not have been perfect but who were at least committed to keeping the family together and who modeled clear boundaries. From the article by Brandon Showalter, Christian Post Reporter:

Shattered mothers are raising the alarm about how transgender ideology is ravaging their troubled teenage and young adult sons who are caught in the jaws of a gender identity crisis.

Some of their boys are now taking cross-sex hormones, like estrogen and spironolactone, and are on the path to losing their fertility as they put themselves at significant risk of a variety of diseases and medical complications.

Nine mothers whom The Christian Post interviewed in February spoke on condition of anonymity, many out of fear that if their identities are revealed state social services agencies might remove their children from their custody.

Names, locations and identifying details in this report have been changed to ensure their anonymity. Many of their sons are highly intelligent and academically gifted, while others are on the autism spectrum or have mental health challenges like ADHD.


Suez Canal Blockage

Cargo ship drew giant penis in Red Sea before wedging itself in Suez Canal


The massive cargo ship that is currently blocking over 10% of the global trade in the Suez Canal drew a giant penis in the Red Sea.

Traffic on the canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean has been blocked for days after the MV Ever Given got stuck in the canal.


A spokesperson on the maritime tracking site told Vice the ship’s data was accurate, adding: ‘There is no room for some kind of conspiracies or false data.’

… It is currently unclear exactly how this unprecedented blockage was caused and is awaiting an investigation. However, despite the conclusion of future inquiries into what brought about this trade catastrophe, what is already understood are some of the possible implications of the incident.

There has been some speculation over the incident being used as a means of arguing for companies to depend upon different supply routes, which could affect the Chinese hold on such routes. But perhaps what is more concerning is the already discussed change in trade routes that this could help pave the way too.

Some analysts have speculated upon the possibility of new trade routes in the North from Russia into Europe being depended upon more frequently. Yet this would seem to put too much power in the hands of another State hostile to the West. Instead, it is most likely that we will see this Suez incident used for a different purpose, one pertaining to the plans of Israel and the UAE.

The Coming Threat To Egypt’s Economy From Israel & UAE

The Suez Canal generates roughly five and a half billion per year in revenue for the Egyptian economy and is a source of national pride for Egyptians, due to the wars fought in order to re-establish their sovereignty over it. The Canal also provides the quickest possible route to Europe from Asia, and is without competition in this regard, allowing goods to be transported through it, up to Port Said and then across the Mediterranean.

Egyptian Dictator Abdel-Fatteh Sisi had expanded the Suez Canal in 2015, promising a double to the revenue delivered through it to the Egyptian economy, but unfortunately that spike in revenue never quite came to be. In fact, with this blockage having just occurred, it is almost a slap in the face to the Egyptian leader after a failure to meet projections as to how his expansive measures would fuel the country.

Now, it seems that another slap in the face is on its way. But this time, it has little to do with military coup leader Sisi’s failed projects and instead with his allies Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Since last year’s normalisation deal between Israel and the UAE was signed, plans have been brewing for a new pipeline project, which will work to compete with the Suez Canal. Israel has signed a deal to establish a new trade route with the UAE, which will see the transfer of Emirati oil up through Israel to Europe. Instead of utilizing the Suez, the oil will be transported through the Strait of Tiran and up into the port city of Eilat. From the Red Sea port city of Eilat, in southern Israel, the oil would then travel through a pipeline to the Mediterranean port city of Ashkelon.

According to the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority head, Osama Rabie, this Israeli-UAE project is cause for concern. Rabie stated, in January, that traffic through the Suez Canal could decrease by up to 16% due to the newly agreed upon UAE-Israel pipeline deal. This is especially due to the newly competing gateway to Europe from Asia, reaching its destination quicker than the Suez route and also costing less.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this blockage of the Suez Canal, is the point that it makes about the advantage that the Israeli trade route will provide. On September 5, 2020, Foreign Policy Magazine interestingly pointed out that:

“The pipeline’s advantage over the Suez is the ability of the terminals in Ashkelon and Eilat to accommodate the giant supertankers that dominate oil shipping today, but are too big to fit through the canal.”

A future plan by Israel for another trade route project, called the New Hejaz Railway, which would directly link the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel, is also a threat to the Suez Canal’s source of revenue, providing another alternative through Israel to the Mediterranean.

Adding another layer on top of an already complicated situation, Egypt has entered into a maritime partnership with China, as part of its ‘New Silk Road’ initiative. Although this does secure Egypt, in terms of maintaining major usage of the Suez Canal, it also attracts further conflict with the West which seeks to undermine China.

The attempt by the Mainstream Media to switch the conversation to alternative trade routes and supply chains is an interesting one, indicating that Western countries are interested in making the most out of the blockage. If anything, it points to a cheap shot taken in a moment of crisis, demonstrating a politicization of the incident.  …

West Virginia House Passes Bill to Ban Enforcement of Federal Gun Control: Past, Present and Future

On Friday, the West Virginia House overwhelmingly passed a bill that would set the foundation to end state enforcement of federal gun control; past, present and future. Passage into law would represent a major step toward ending federal acts that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms within the state.

Del. Brandon Steele along with a coalition of 10 cosponsors introduced House Bill 2694 (HB2694) on Feb. 23. On March 26, the House passed HB2694 by a 74-22 vote. ….