The Failure of the Political Class

One of the most striking things about the past year has been the uniform and all but unquestioning embrace of the novel policy of lockdown by Government, opposition parties, and the mainstream media. Even as the number of fatalities, hospitalisations, and cases collapse, the Government remains religiously wedded to the sclerotic pace of its easing strategy and news bulletins continue to duckspeak calls to comply with the most illiberal restrictions ever imposed on British society, refusing to interrogate these restrictions’ costs. Those who question lockdown orthodoxy, be they distinguished scientists, civil liberties campaigners, or journalists beyond the print and televisual oligopolies, are denounced as ‘deniers’ and shut down.

Let us remind ourselves what lockdown means: it is the state-mandated end of normal social, economic, and political life. It involves everything from the forced-separation of families, to the capricious police over-enforcement of pettifogging, poorly written guidelines of dubious actual legality, to the total marginalisation of normal democratic and parliamentary procedures in what the admirable Lord Sumption has termed ‘government by decree’. It is an unprecedented policy taken from a totalitarian state and adopted by Britain and other Western nations at the cost of ignoring decades of research and established pandemic management strategies. It was the policy of panic. It has been sustained through the deliberate stoking of fear using outright lies. It fatally questions the claims our governmental system formerly had to an intrinsic moral high ground against the grim tyrannies of less happier lands. The economic cost is unfathomable. Yet it now seems to have become an established tool in the State inventory: Chris Whitty hinted as early as January that future lockdowns may be necessary – despite the vaccine – and New Zealand and Australia are showing how ready anglophone democracies now are to shut down their societies at the mere whiff of a handful of new infections.

Nothing, it seems, establishes itself so readily in the political culture of the twenty-first century than a revolutionary new orthodoxy that reverses every natural assumption on how things are and ought to be. It is perhaps telling that such an Establishment consensus exists around lockdown in an age when calling women who give birth ‘mothers’ is an issue of agonised controversy, and in which we are ordered to believe that some of the wealthiest and most socially privileged are, in fact, helpless victims of vast societal conspiracies of persecution. The madness of the age may be plain to many, but it is almost unsurprising to read from one well-informed source that even suggesting lockdown has costs and negative consequences is ‘heresy’ in a Whitehall that cannot even bring itself to brief the Cabinet on such issues.

The Establishment consensus on lockdown is nothing short of the omertà of national self-destruction. To try to understand why it exists, a first step to trying to combat it, we cannot apotheosise – placing politics on a plane above people – but should look to those in power who’ve been driving the policy and to their cheerleaders. The sheer absence of political leadership, as well as the dubious evidential and methodological basis on which the Government has based its decisions, has been noted before. Commentators on the left, moreover, have noticed how the Labour Party’s abject failure to oppose the Government, or even to speak up for sections of society hit hardest by lockdown, owes much to the social distance that now exists between working class communities and the metropolitan liberals who presume to be these communities’ tribunes…..

New Documentary: Medical Racism

CHD’s New Documentary, ‘Medical Racism,’ Premieres Today

The new documentary, “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid” premieres today. You can watch it for free by visiting the “Medical Racism” website. The film is co-produced by Children’s Health Defense, Centner Productions, Kevin Jenkins of the Urban Global Health Alliance, Rev. Tony Muhammed and author/historian Curtis Cost.

“Medical Racism” illuminates the shocking history of human experimentation targeting Blacks by government health regulators and private pharmaceutical companies.

Many Americans are familiar with the historic medical atrocities committed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at Tuskegee, by the father of American gynecology, Dr. J. Marion Sims on South Carolina slave girls and the continuing medical larceny against Henrietta Lacks. But most people are likely unaware of the routine medical barbarism against Africans that persists today.

“Medical Racism” pulls back the curtain on experimentation atrocities hiding in plain sight and takes us on an unprecedented journey to unearth the truth.

The powerful documentary reveals:

  • That medical racism has happened before, and why we’re raising awareness to make sure it doesn’t happen again
  • How racism in the drug industry impacts the Black community
  • Why, when our bodies and risk are involved, it shouldn’t be about governmental control
  • How to feel empowered to have a voice about your health choices…


Mark and Terri Stemann and Mary Flynn O’Neal join the program to discuss Child Protective Services and how it is purposely set up to destroy America and feed an evil child trafficking network. As unbelievable as it is, continued reports across the country back up these claims and form a story that is so incredible, the only option we have is to destroy the system and heal the trauma it has caused.

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Podesta, Washington Post and the NCMEC

New Book Confirms Fauci’s NIH Funded Wuhan Bat-COVID Experiments At Understaffed Chinese Lab

Last April, the Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin revealed that in January 2018, the US Embassy in Beijing “took the unusual step of repeatedly sending US science diplomats to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV),” and subsequently sent two official warnings back to Washington about “inadequate safety at the lab.”


Now, Rogin is out with a new book; “Chaos Under Heaven: Trump, Xi, and the Battle for the Twenty-First Century,” where he offers a 10,000-foot view of the evidence implicating the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, while also confirming that the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) – headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, “had funded a number of projects that involved WIV scientists, including much of the Wuhan lab’s work with bat coronaviruses.”

The Wuhan Institute of Virology had openly participated in gain-of-function research in partnership with U.S. universities and institutions. But the official told me the U.S. government had evidence that Chinese labs were performing gain-of-function research on a much larger scale than was publicly disclosed, meaning they were taking more risks in more labs than anyone outside China was aware of. This insight, in turn, fed into the lab-accident hypothesis in a new and troubling way. -Josh Rogin book excerpt, via Politico

Rogin also notes that in July 2020, a little-noticed study by a group of Chinese researchers in Beijing, “including several affiliated with the Academy of Military Medical Science,” who said they had created a new model for studying SARS-CoV-2 “by creating mice with human-like lung characteristics by using the CRISPR gene-editing technology to give the mice lung cells with the human ACE2 receptor – the receptor that allowed coronaviruses to so easily infect human lungs.”…

Pentagon biolab in Tbilisi, Georgia researched MERS and SARS-like coronaviruses in bats