31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine – Israeli Rabbi

31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine

by Chananya Weissman

1. It’s not a vaccine. A vaccine by definition provides immunity to a disease. This does not provide immunity to anything. In a best-case scenario, it merely reduces the chance of getting a severe case of a virus if one catches it. Hence, it is a medical treatment, not a vaccine. I do not want to take a medical treatment for an illness I do not have.
2. The drug companies, politicians, medical establishment, and media have joined forces to universally refer to this as a vaccine when it is not one, with the intention of manipulating people into feeling safer about undergoing a medical treatment. Because they are being deceitful, I do not trust them, and want nothing to do with their medical treatment.
3. The presumed benefits of this medical treatment are minimal and would not last long in any case. The establishment acknowledges this, and is already talking about additional shots and ever-increasing numbers of new “vaccines” that would be required on a regular basis. I refuse to turn myself into a chronic patient who receives injections of new pharmaceutical products on a regular basis simply to reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus that these injections do not even prevent.
4. I can reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus by strengthening my immune system naturally. In the event I catch a virus, there are vitamins and well-established drugs that have had wonderful results in warding off the illness, without the risks and unknowns of this medical treatment.
5. The establishment insists that this medical treatment is safe. They cannot possibly know this because the long-term effects are entirely unknown, and will not be known for many years. They may speculate that it is safe, but it is disingenuous for them to make such a claim that cannot possibly be known. Because they are being disingenuous, I do not trust them, and I want no part of their treatment.
6. The drug companies have zero liability if anything goes wrong, Continue reading 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine – Israeli Rabbi

Humor: Study examines what makes people susceptible to fake health news

A new study from University of Kansas journalism & mass communication researchers examines what influences people to be susceptible to false information about health and argues big tech companies have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of misleading and dangerous information.

Researchers shared a fake news story with more than 750 participants that claimed a deficiency of vitamin B17 could cause cancer. Researchers then measured if how the article was presented — including author credentials, writing style and whether the article was labeled as “suspicious” or “unverified” — affected how participants perceived its credibility and whether they would adhere to the article’s recommendations or share it on social media. The findings showed that information presentation did not influence how people perceived it and that only social media efficacy played a role in whether respondents said they would share it….


What they’re really researching here is how to present false medical information more effectively.   Unfortunately for them, the peasants are starting to question the emperor and they can’t help noticing that he’s naked.   The level of fraud, quackery and mother and child abuse that passes for medicine in america is just too outrageous for gaslighting to work in the age of the internet.   And just wait for the male genital mutilation scandal to catch fire.   Doctors will be demanding a refund on their medical education.   But of course the problem goes deeper than mere ignorance, as bio-psychiatry demonstrates.    And then there’s obstetrical violence and vaccine vandalism, often under threat of CPS kidnapping.   What exactly is medicine anyway?

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Angry Nurse has had it with the Covid-19 Hoax

This nurse lady is really, really angry. She uses very strong language… and she makes some excellent points. Take very good care of yourself, always – and you will avoid colds and the flu – or whatever they call it this year. No one else is responsible for your health – or lack of health. Your health is in your own hands. Be careful what those hands pick up and buy from the grocery store and what those hands put into your mouth.

And then there are the thoughts you think. Fear thoughts – anger, sorrow, boredom, blame, shame, guilt, victim, etc – are the kinds of thoughts that lead to dis-ease. Dis-ease (mind in an uproar) > disease.

“All healing is essentially the release from fear.”
– “A Course In Miracles”

“Fear and sickness are identical.”
– “Science & Health”

Did you know that COVID stands for Certificate Of Vaccination ID? Now you do.

Did you know that A is the first letter of the alphabet and I is the ninth? COVID-19 = Certificate of Vaccination ID AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Mercola interviews Stephanie Seneff:  The Role of Glyphosate in COVID-19


Your body substitutes glyphosate for glycine, and in so doing, poisons your body’s machinery for creating proteins

In normal physiology, processes in your mitochondria ensure deuterium depletion. If your mitochondria are damaged by glyphosate, they’re not going to be able to eliminate the deuterium properly and the buildup of deuterium may contribute to chronic disease

Glyphosate may play an important role in cases of severe COVID-19. If you’ve accumulated a lot of glyphosate in your tissues, your immune cells will be impaired, making it difficult to clear the virus

To avoid glyphosate exposure, the most important strategy is to eat certified organic foods whenever possible, and eat/drink more sulfur-containing foods, organic grass fed milk and butter, glacier water, animal fats and probiotic foods

To help mitigate the toxic effects of glyphosate, you can take an inexpensive glycine supplement

Video and transcript at https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/02/28/stephanie-seneff-glyphosate.aspx

Congress Members Demand Investigation Into NIH and ‘Treacherous Research’ at Wuhan Lab

Lawmakers allege the NIH has played a major role in supporting the “treacherous research” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the promotion of “spurious claims” dismissing the NIH-funded lab’s potential role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter led by Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) and sent this week to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm, the lawmakers wrote:

“The NIH, unfortunately, has played a major role in supporting WIV and this treacherous research and the promotion of spurious claims dismissing the NIH-funded lab’s potential role in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

They requested a prompt and thorough investigation including, but not limited to:

  1. When was the NIH first aware that coronavirus experiments were being conducted at WIV with taxpayer funds (via EcoHealth Alliance or otherwise)?
  2. Did NIH officials review WIV’s coronavirus experiments to assess compliance with Potential Pandemic Pathogen Care and Oversight (P3CO) guidelines?
  3. When was the NIH first aware of biosafety or other concerns at WIV?
  4. Was the NIH briefed on the concerns raised by the State Department in 2018 about the potential pandemic risk of WIV’s research?
  5. Did Dr. Collins or other NIH officials communicate with EcoHealth Alliance and/or WIV to coordinate responses to lab leak allegations?
  6. When does WIV‘s current eligibility to receive NIH funding expire?
  7. Is WIV currently receiving any NIH support directly or indirectly?
  8. How much NIH funding — directly or indirectly — has WIV received from the NIH including grants, sub-grants, and other funding sources?

Earlier this month, Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.), one of the signers of the letter to HHS, introduced H.R. 834, a bill calling for an independent, bipartisan national commission on the COVID-19 pandemic.

In October 2020, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wrote to Rep. Posey asking the Congressman to investigate the causes leading up to and contributing to the pandemic.

In their letter to Posey, CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and then-President Lyn Redwood wrote:

“Some reputable scientists have raised the issue that the virus could have escaped from a lab as Dr. Fauci said was a possibility in 2012. Others have suggested that COVID-19 was a natural result of contact between animals and humans. That may indeed be the case; however, given the magnitude of the impact this pandemic has had on humankind, we need more than mere speculation or finger pointing about its origins. It is our duty to ourselves, to our children, and to humanity to seek out and discover the truth.”

At a press conference in Wuhan, China, in January, Peter Ben Embarek, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) inspection team charged with looking into the origins of the pandemic, said it was “extremely unlikely” that the coronavirus leaked from a lab and as a result the lab escape hypothesis would no longer form part of the WHO’s continuing investigation into the origins of the virus.

However, an article by GM Watch republished on The Defender raised questions about the WHO investigation and potential conflicts of interest:

“Asked why they had discarded the lab hypothesis, Embarek said that while lab accidents do happen, they are ‘extremely rare. He also said the WHO team had looked at the BSL-4 lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and had concluded, ‘it was very unlikely that anything could escape from such a place.’

“Both claims are seriously unconvincing. Peter Daszak, who is part of Embarek’s team, has also previously claimed that lab accidents are ‘extremely rare.’ But this is completely unsupported by the evidence, as we have previously reported. Biosafety incidents involving regulated pathogens are occurring on average over twice a week in the U.S. alone. Such incidents have included the mishandling of agents as deadly as anthrax, smallpox and bird flu. And, as is well known, a virology lab in Beijing managed to accidentally release the original SARS virus (SARS1) not once but four separate times.”


Trump Confirms He Called For 10,000 National Guard for Jan 6th… Pelosi Refused

President Donald Trump has confirmed reports he requested 10,000 National Guard troops ahead of the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C., only to be rebuffed by authorities.

Speaking Steve Hilton on “The Revolution,” the former president outlined how he knew in advance of the crowd size:

“Everyone said we’ll be at the rally. It was, I think, the largest crowd that I have ever spoken to before. I have spoken to big crowds, hundreds of thousands of people, more than that, but hundreds of thousands of people.”

In response, Trump said he “gave the number” to the Department of Defense, insisting that 10,000 members of the National Guard would be needed.

“They took that number, from what I understand, they gave it to people at the Capitol, that is controlled by Pelosi, and I heard they rejected it because they didn’t think it would look good,” added Trump in the interview after his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech.

Trump’s comments follow reports that Pelosi discouraged the Sergeant at Arms from deploying the force and an implausible timeline whereby Pelosi approved a request for the National Guard before it was even received by former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving.

The news confirms reporting from Vanity Fair, mostly ignored by the mainstream media:

On the evening of January 5—the night before a white supremacist mob stormed Capitol Hill in a siege that would leave five dead—the acting secretary of defense, Christopher Miller, was at the White House with his chief of staff, Kash Patel. They were meeting with President Trump on “an Iran issue,” Miller told me. But then the conversation switched gears. The president, Miller recalled, asked how many troops the Pentagon planned to turn out the following day. “We’re like, ‘We’re going to provide any National Guard support that the District requests,’” Miller responded. “And [Trump] goes, ‘You’re going to need 10,000 people.’ No, I’m not talking bullshit. He said that. And we’re like, ‘Maybe. But you know, someone’s going to have to ask for it.’” At that point Miller remembered the president telling him, “‘You do what you need to do. You do what you need to do.’ He said, ‘You’re going to need 10,000.’ That’s what he said. Swear to God.”


Wow, so everyone who questions our bogus elections is a white supremacist, while the uber-racist malthusian eugenicists who control the elections (and the MSM of course) remain comfortably hidden away in their boardrooms.   Do these people have any credibility left at all?


Reduce stress & anxiety with a pen & this simple neuroscience-backed trick

The next time painful or stressful feelings threaten to overwhelm you, here is what you do: get something to write with. Get something to write on. Write down a word that describes the emotion you’re experiencing. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive. Just a word or two will do.

Affect labeling—the act of naming one’s emotional state—helps to blunt the immediate impact of negative feelings and kickstart the process of climbing back down from stress. The clarifying effect of putting feelings into words was observed at least as far back as the 17th century, when the philosopher Baruch Spinoza wrote in his Ethics: “An emotion, which is a passion, ceases to be a passion, as soon as we form a clear and distinct idea thereof.” It’s also the basis of modern psychoanalysis.

Why it works has taken a lot longer to figure out. There are clues in a small 2007 study of 30 subjects at the University of California, Los Angeles. Led by psychology professor Matthew Lieberman, the researchers conducted a series of brain-imaging experiments in which participants were shown frightening faces and asked to choose a word that described the emotion on display. Labeling the fear-inducing object appeared to reduce activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain in which the fight or flight reflex originates, and increased activity in the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, which is associated with vigilance and symbolic processing. The brain’s perception of the images shifted from objects of fear to subjects of scrutiny…

And more at https://qz.com/989060/reduce-stress-and-anxiety-with-a-pen-and-this-simple-neuroscience-backed-trick/

Officials Reach New Low, Say Moist Masks Are Good for You

Story at-a-glance

  • A study from the National Institutes of Health claims wearing a moist mask is actually good for you because inhaling through the wet mask hydrates your lungs and boosts your immune system
  • However, it’s important to realize that the humidity inside the mask will rapidly allow pathogenic bacteria to grow and multiply. This is a documented fact not addressed by the NIH
  • Medical doctors have warned that bacterial pneumonia, facial rashes, fungal infections on the face, “mask mouth” (bad breath, tooth decay and gum inflammation) and candida mouth infections are all on the rise
  • By breathing through a bacteria-infested mask, you risk inhaling bacteria deep into your lungs, and according to recent research, the presence of microbes in your lungs can worsen lung cancer pathogenesis and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer
  • Face masks can also reduce oxygen intake, leading to hazardous oxygen deficiency (hypoxia), along with rapid accumulation of harmful carbon dioxide, which can have significant cognitive and physical impacts

Read more and watch videos at https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/03/01/moist-masks.aspx

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