Video: Bill Gates: Why He Switched From Software To Vaccines

A good video but I have 2 beefs:

1) Epstein was a pedophile, yes, like hitler was a eugenicist. Lots of people were/are into eugenics. But that’s not what made hitler noteworthy.

Epstein was not just a pedophile. He was an intelligence operative, a child slaver and a blackmailer extraordinaire. His contribution to the degradation and corruption of society is immeasurable and will result in far more damage than the countably finite number of children he molested directly.

But we’re supposed to believe that now that he didn’t hang himself, the problem is solved.    Nothing could be further from the truth.   His controllers remain on the streets while pedophilia and pedophilia-related blackmail remains an INSTITUTION in this country, like general motors or the US senate, only far more powerful.

2) The careful editing out of Gates gleeful threat of “the next one” in the last scene is inexplicable.   Anyone with eyes to see will know its significance.    I suspect (or hope) that it was an accident.

Who is Bill Gates?

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