NYC Waitress Fired For Waiting To Take COVID Vax Over Pregnancy Concerns

A waitress in New York City was fired after she told her employer that she wanted to wait and see if the COVID-19 vaccine – which has been in use for less than nine months – has any side affects on pregnancy.

34-year-old Bonnie Jacobson, who started working at the Red Hook Tavern in August, says she’s not an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ but was uncomfortable taking the vaccine while she and her husband were trying to conceive, she told the Daily Mail….

If she knew about the blatant criminality at the CDC that continues to promote vaccination of pregnant women, she might be an anti-vaxxer.   Or at least an anti-CDC’er.   Any medical technology can be a weapon in the hands of psychopaths.   It’s silly to debate the virtues of vaccines when the primary regulatory agency for vaccines is literally controlled by corruption.

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