Gunpoint medicine: FEMA asks Pentagon to enforce coronavirus vaccination efforts

(Natural News) The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Department of Defense (DoD) to help enforce Wuhan coronavirus vaccination efforts. The top Pentagon spokesman announced Jan. 24 that it had received a request from FEMA to assist in administering COVID-19 vaccine doses. FEMA’s request for backup came in line with President Joe Biden’s goal to administer 1.5 million coronavirus vaccine shots daily.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said Jan. 24 that the DoD has received the FEMA request. He added that the Pentagon is evaluating the request and what kind of support can be provided. “Given the significance of the request, it will be reviewed urgently but carefully,” Kirby remarked. He added that “DoD is committed to do as much as it possibly can to assist the whole-of-government effort against COVID-19,” a sentiment previously expressed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The Pentagon did not elaborate on what the military efforts would look like and how many troops could be deployed. But in a later press conference, Kirby said it will likely involve drafting both active and reserve National Guard troopers. The guardsmen will “help perform a variety of coronavirus-related tasks, including … getting more shots into people’s arms,” according to the spokesman.

Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said the Pentagon aimed to provide 10,000 troops and help open up 100 vaccination centers around the country. However, he told CBS Evening News that FEMA might have to work with limited vaccine doses produced by factories. “The production of the factories where the vaccine is made … is a limiting factor that we’re just [going to] have to continue to work through each week,” Klain said.

FEMA’s request for assistance came amid the agency’s deployment of more than 200 million ground staff to support mass immunization in eight states….

It was easy to get millions of parents to outsource their children’s health to doctors with needles, to the great misfortune of many of the kids.  But I suspect adults are going to be more difficult to manage.

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