Former Pro-Vax Pediatric Nurse Speaks Out

Tune in as this former pro-vax nurse shares her powerful story about her journey to protect her children. As a nurse, she had been trained to follow the vaccination schedule without question. She trusted the advice of her doctors and discouraged anyone who questioned vaccine safety.

It wasn’t until one of her children experienced vaccine injury that she finally learned the truth. Unfortunately, this is very common in our community. Many of us followed the schedule, and it wasn’t until we saw it with our own eyes. It wasn’t until mothers were being told by their pediatricians that their child’s health problems and developmental regression were vaccine reactions, that we believed it.

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If, when, and how to vaccinate your children can be a difficult road to navigate. Get the information you need to make a fully informed decision that’s right for your family. Learn more in our docu-series: The Truth About Vaccines.

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