American Austerity: Are the Massive Power Outages Caused by Failure of Green Energy?

The Great Reset is continuing apace and every sign that austerity is in the cards for the Western world is flashing. The recent winter weather is just one more example of how the formerly richest country in the world is now lowering itself to third world standards and doing so all on the altar of climate change. Of course, that isn’t openly stated. But the growing race from tried and true methods of power in favor of “green” energy is beginning to show signs of degradation in America’s infrastructure.

A huge swath of the country is experiencing rolling power outages.

For instance, we are now witnessing intentional and planned power outages affecting tens of thousands of residents simply because the weather has gotten colder and power companies need ways to “preserve the power grid.” We saw rolling power outages in California when PG&E didn’t want to be blamed for more wildfires, and now the trend is spreading.

Take a look at what happened in Nebraska when Omaha Public Power District announced planned outages on the morning of February 16. Nebraska Public Power said they were also informed by Southwest Power Pool that they had to implement emergency coordinated interruptions of service also. Many of the rotating outages began with no warning to customers.

“Officials” are claiming the outages are happening because there is not enough power available to keep up with customer demand.

But why is there suddenly not enough supply? According to the CEO of OPPD, Tim Burke, there is a lack of wind. In other words, OPPD is relying on wind power and, even during a winter storm, there is not enough wind to provide power to residents.

OPPD asked customers to add blankets, dress warmer, and lower their thermostats in order to help conserve electricity.

This is going to be good advice as America moves closer toward utilizing disproven technologies like wind to provide power to vast swaths of the country….

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