Ehret: New Revelations Shed Light on the British Roots of the Deep State

On February 4, 2021 an incredible array of original documents were published online anonymously featuring the largest array of evidence that British Intelligence, GCHQ and MI6 operating through a multitude of front organizations like Bellingcat and the Integrity Initiative have been working non-stop for over 6 years to undermine Syria, Russia and an array of other sovereign nation states. These documents can be found in full here:

OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia I – Telegraph

For those who may not know, The Integrity Initiative is an anti-Russian propaganda outfit funded to the tune of $140 million by the British Foreign office.

The exposure of the British hand behind the scenes affords us a unique glimpse into the real historical forces undermining America’s true constitutional tradition throughout the 20th century, and also the organic formation of a world of sovereign republics from the 19th century to the present.

One of the biggest obstacles to seeing this modus operandi run by the British Empire is located in the belief in a mythology which has become embedded in the global psyche for over half a century and which we should do our best to free ourselves of.

Debunking the Myth of the “American Empire”

While there has been a long-standing narrative promoted for over 70 years that the British Empire disappeared after World War II having been replaced by the “American Empire”, it is the furthest thing from the truth. America, as constitutionally represented by its greatest presidents (who can unfortunately be identified by their early deaths while serving in office), were never colonialist and were always in favor of reining in British Institutions at home while fighting British colonial thinking abroad.

Franklin Roosevelt’s thirteen year-long battle with the Deep State, which he referred to as the “economic royalists who should have left America in 1776″, was defined in clear terms by his patriotic Vice-President Henry Wallace who warned of the emergence of a new Anglo-American fascism in 1944 when he said:

“Fascism in the postwar inevitably will push steadily for Anglo-Saxon imperialism and eventually for war with Russia. Already American fascists are talking and writing about this conflict and using it as an excuse for their internal hatreds and intolerances toward certain races, creeds and classes.”

The fact is that already in 1944, a policy of Anglo-Saxon imperialism had been promoted subversively by British-run think tanks known as the Round Table Movement and Fabian Society, and the seeds had already been laid for the anti-Russian cold war by those British-run American fascists. It is not a coincidence that this fascist Cold War policy was announced in a March 5, 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri by none other than Round Table-follower Winston Churchill.

The Empire Strikes

When the Round Table Movement was created with funds from the Rhodes Trust in 1902, a new plan was laid out to create a new technocratic elite to manage the re-emergence of the new British Empire and crush the emergence of American-inspired nationalism globally. This organization would be staffed by generations of Rhodes Scholars who would receive their indoctrination in Oxford before being sent back to advance a “post-nation state” agenda in their respective countries.

As this agenda largely followed the mandate set out by Cecil Rhodes in his Seventh Will who said “Why should we not form a secret society with but one object: the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, and for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire?”…

Schwab Family Values

Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb? Johnny Vedmore investigates.

On the morning of 11 September 2001, Klaus Schwab sat having breakfast in the Park East Synagogue in New York City with Rabbi Arthur Schneier, former Vice President for the World Jewish Congress and closely associate of the Bronfman and Lauder families. Together, the two men watched one of the most impactful events of the next twenty years unfold as planes struck the World Trade Center buildings. Now, two decades on, Klaus Schwab again sits in a front row seat of yet a generation-defining moment in modern human history.

Always seeming to have a front row seat when tragedy approaches, Schwab’s proximity to world-altering events likely owes to his being one of the most well-connected men on Earth. As the driving force behind the World Economic Forum, “the international organization for public-private cooperation,” Schwab has courted heads of state, leading business executives, and the elite of academic and scientific circles into the Davos fold for over 50 years. More recently, he has also courted the ire of many due to his more recent role as the frontman of the Great Reset, a sweeping effort to remake civilization globally for the express benefit of the elite of the World Economic Forum and their allies.

Schwab, during the Forum’s annual meeting in January 2021, stressed that the building of trust would be integral to the success of the Great Reset, signalling a subsequent expansion of the initiative’s already massive public relations campaign. Though Schwab called for the building of trust through unspecified “progress,” trust is normally facilitated through transparency. Perhaps that is why so many have declined to trust Mr. Schwab and his motives, as so little is known about the man’s history and background prior to his founding of the World Economic Forum in the early 1970s.

Like many prominent frontmen for elite-sponsored agendas, the online record of Schwab has been well-sanitized, making it difficult to come across information on his early history as well as information on his family. Yet, having been born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938, many have speculated in recent months that Schwab’s family may have had some tie to Axis war efforts, ties that, if exposed, could threaten the reputation of the World Economic Forum and bring unwanted scrutiny to its professed missions and motives.

In this Unlimited Hangout investigation, the past that Klaus Schwab has worked to hide is explored in detail, revealing the involvement of the Schwab family, not only in the Nazi quest for an atomic bomb, but apartheid South Africa’s illegal nuclear programme. Especially revealing is the history of Klaus’ father, Eugen Schwab, who led the Nazi-supported German branch of a Swiss engineering firm into the war as a prominent military contractor. That company, Escher-Wyss, would use slave labor to produce machinery critical to the Nazi war effort as well as the Nazi’s effort to produce heavy water for its nuclear program. Years later, at the same company, a young Klaus Schwab served on the board of directors when the decision was made to furnish the racist apartheid regime of South Africa with the necessary equipment to further its quest to become a nuclear power.

With the World Economic Forum now a prominent advocate for nuclear non-proliferation and “clean” nuclear energy, Klaus Schwab’s past makes him a poor spokesperson for his professed agenda for the present and the future. Yet, digging even deeper into his activities, it becomes clear that Schwab’s real role has long been to “shape global, regional and industry agendas” of the present in order to ensure the continuity of larger, much older agendas that came into disrepute after World War II, not just nuclear technology, but also eugenics-influenced population control policies….

China opens up for Anal Schwab

A government strategy to impose mass helplessness in the face of historically unprecedented concentrations of power and corruption

Naturally, a suitable false flag must first be executed.    A mind controlled puppet conducting a real or fake massacre of school children (it hardly matters given the state of our “free press”) would do the trick.   There’s no end to the tools our masters have at hand to persuade the more gullible peasants of the need to stampede to the slaughterhouse for safety.

Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament

Biden Calls For ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban On Parkland Shooting Anniversary

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Reprise: DHS “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

Brzezinski: It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them

Trauma-based Mind Control: Kelly Brogan MD Interviews Dr. Colin Ross

I sat down to reconnect with my colleague, Dr. Colin Ross whom I first learned of through his work honoring Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s legacy. Given Dr. Ross’s extensive clinical and research experience in the realm of psychological trauma, I thought it would be timely to connect, not around holistic healing of cancer but around around the role of torture, abuse, neglect, and other overwhelming sources of injury, what this can look like, and how to heal it. Here’s what I asked him…

  • What do you perceive to be the role of trauma in the expression of mental illness symptoms?
  • Multiple personality disorder has been characterized in popular media as a kind of serious “craziness”…based on your clinical experience how does your perspective differ?
  • I know that you have a connection to MK Ultra whistleblower Cathy O’Brien…can you tell us what MK Ultra (and Project Mockingbird) are?
  • The phrase conspiracy theory itself is a CIA-originated term intended to discredit those who might challenge the mainstream narrative…now we are at point where the QAnon psyop may be an example of a social media movement intended to capture and discredit through political polarization any and all reference to government involvement in systems of trauma, torture and abuse. Many find it unbelievable that these “secrets” could possibly be kept by so many. Share with us your perspective on the role of trauma-based mind control in today’s collective experiences…
  • What is your clinical approach to healing trauma?

Dr. Colin Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. He is the founder and President of The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

Dr. Ross obtained his M.D. from the University of Alberta in 1981 and completed his training in psychiatry at the University of Manitoba in 1985. He has been running a hospital-based Trauma Program in Dallas, Texas since 1991.

Dr. Ross’s book, The Trauma Model: A Solution To the Problem of Comorbidity in Psychiatry, was first published in 2000, with a second edition appearing in 2007. Other books of his include: Trauma Model Therapy: A Treatment Approach for Trauma, Dissociation and Complex Comorbidity (2009), The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists (2006), Moon Shadows: Stories of Trauma & Recovery (2007), Structural Dissociation: A Proposed Modification of the Theory (2013), The Trump Card: A Psychiatrist Analyzes Reactions to Donald Trump (2017)Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder (2018)Be A Teammate With Yourself (2019)The Genetics of Schizophrenia (2020), and Opus 5 In B Flat And Other Poems (2020).

The recorded event I reference with Cathy O’Brien, Dr. Ross, and Roseanne Barr.

An incredible intro to MK Ultra and Hollywood.

Is your neighbor mind controlled?

Interview with Mind Control Victim Used to Blackmail Politicians as a Child

Franklin Coverup: The White House Call Boy Ring

Interview: Cathy Obrien: PTSD: Time to Heal

Another Child Satanic Survivor Speaks out

MIKE LINDELL: “I would not go all in and risk everything I have—everything!—I haven’t been able to see my grandkids—I’m in physical danger!”…“I will lose $65 Million this year alone”

By Patty McMurray
Mike Lindell appeared in a powerful interview on the Pete Santilli Show Tuesday night, where he explained how Dominion is lying about how he’s using his public fight to expose voter fraud to sell pillows.

100 Percent Fed Up – In his interview with Santilli, Lindell explains how the big box vendors like Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, and Wayfair, who have dropped his products over his decision to pursue the truth about voter fraud in America, “I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year that I won’t get back, OK?”

Mike Lindell blasted voting machine company Dominion for threatening anyone who mentions their name with a defamation lawsuit. Lindell explained to Santilli that everyone in the media wanted to talk to him until his “Absolute Proof” documentary on voter fraud was released on February 5th. After the release of his documentary, the media stopped contacting him. Now that Dominion is suing him, Mike claims the media again has a renewed interest in speaking with him, but only about the lawsuit.

Lindell explained how he is not in fear of the Dominion lawsuit, but instead, he is actually begging them to bring it on! “One of the things I want to say about the lawsuit—is I kept telling them, ‘Please sue me! Sue me!’ and now I’m saying, ‘Please serve me, because as soon as they serve me, I can actually take the evidence and put it in their reply to them, and then all the evidence will be public record. I have 100% proof!—Not 99% proof—100% evidence of everything that they did!” Lindell said.

Lindell asked Pete Santilli why Dominion is trying to prevent anyone from inspecting their machines? “If I’ve got somebody running around, saying, ‘They’ve got rocks and nails inside of a My Pillow,’ what am I gonna do as Mike Lindell, the My Pillow company?” he asked. “The first thing I’m gonna do is, ‘Hey everybody, come and look at My Pillow; there’s no rocks or nails inside, there’s my patented foam,” Lindell said. He mocked Dominion for their lack of transparency, “So, Dominion, instead of them saying, ‘Hey everybody, go in and look at our machines, and check it out, they’re legit—everything’s on the up and up,’ but they went the other way. Why would they do that?” he asked. Why would they go suing people so they would suppress them?” Lindell asked.

“You can’t even say the word ‘Dominion’ out there without being sued!” Lindell told Santilli.

Mike looked directly at the camera and asked Dominion Voting Machines, “So Dominion, I ask you, what are you hiding?” Lindell told Santilli he “welcomes the lawsuit!” explaining how he’s putting “everything on the line” to expose massive voter fraud. “I would not go all in and risk everything I have—everything!” he said, adding, “I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren and nephews and nieces. I’ve had to stay away from Minnesota,” he said, explaining to Santilli that he’s putting his own life in danger, “I’m in physical danger!”

Lindell told Santilli that he’s had leaders of two countries who’ve called him to thank him for the work he’s doing.

Watch the incredible video here:

Video: Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America

The Real Election Hack: Black Box Voting

The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps

The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps for Dissenters from the Establishment’s Narratives

Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts

Since the year 2000, we have witnessed two epochal events, 9/11 and COVID-19. Both produced massive changes in civil liberty and government power, reducing the former and enhancing the latter.

The official narrative of 9/11 is unbelievable as it is contrary to all known science. The official narrative of Covid relies on running the PCR test at high cycles known to produce false positives in order to produce headlines of a scary high rate of infection. Covid deaths are magnified by ignoring co-morbidities and by counting even motorcycle deaths as Covid deaths. In the US, financial incentives were created for hospitals to report all deaths as Covid deaths. The flu season has been conflated with Covid and has disappeared. It is possible that more Covid patients were killed by ventilators than by Covid and by immune systems unsupported by adequate intake of vitamins C and D and  zinc. No Covid deaths were necessary as two proven and safe treatments—HCQ and Ivermectin—were available but banned by public authorities. Deaths were wanted in order to build fear in order for pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars on vaccine sales and in order for governments to impose more controls over citizens and more inhibitions of civil liberty.

In Florida there are no lockdowns, no mask mandates, no arrests of people for “non-compliance,” and Floridians are not dropping dead in the streets. Indeed, you would not know that there was a “Covid pandemic.” This indicates that the Covid pandemic is an orchestrated hoax with ulterior motives.

In the US, 9/11 was used not only to attack seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa on entirely false pretenses but also to attack the US Constitution. Habeas Corpus and due process were discarded by the “war on terror.” Consequently, today American civil liberty is much weakened.

In the article below, European Soren Korsgaard reports that the orchestrated “Covid pandemic” is being used throughout the Western world as an excuse for concentration camps.

Concentration Camps for Dissenters

Søren Roest Korsgaard

One of the most concerning aspects of the Covid orchestration, apart from mandatory vaccines, lockdowns, and destruction of civil liberties, is the construction of camps for those who dispute and disobey the Covid mandates.

The mainstream media is reporting on the camps in a positive light and ensures us that they are not really concentration camps [1]. For example, it has been widely reported in Europe that camps are being set up in several German states. Officially, they will be used to forcibly accommodate “repeated quarantine dodgers” and house “Covid dissidents” [2, 3]. Facilities exist or are underway in Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Brandenburg. In the state of Saxony “a shelter” is being built for housing Covid rule breakers; however, they will also have the opportunity to use “a locked hospital or other suitable accommodation” [2].

Shortly after the camp in Schleswig-Holstein was announced, it was reported that in the city of Flensburg from now on “only contact with members of your own household is allowed … violations … can be punished with a fine of up to 25,000 euros. Deliberate spread of Corona threatens a prison sentence of five years” [4]. “Deliberate spread” could probably be anything in non-compliance with Covid mandates.

In Berlin and Hamburg similar plans for facilities are underway. According to mainstream-friendly legal scholars, these camps are “legal” due to emergency powers granted to German authorities during a pandemic [3].

Information pertaining to the camps is limited for obvious reasons, but we do know that on January 18, 2021, it was reported that around 30 people had been forcibly sent to a detention camp in Eisenhüttenstadt, which is located in the state of Brandenburg [5] (figure 1). It is unsure if and when the detainees left the camp – and in what physical and psychological condition they were in upon their alleged release.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that no government, least of all the one in Washington, can be trusted with anything. For example, the George W. Bush regime told 935 lies about Iraq between 9/11 and the invasion [6]. The official rationale for the wars has changed over the years, but at one time it was to spread democracy and get revenge for 9/11, not for profit and to increase Israel’s clout in the Middle East. We now know that “bringing democracy” required the US-Alliance to cause millions of deaths and dislocations in the Middle East and North Africa [6]. Obama promised peace and an end to wars, but waged war against more than seven nations. In Obama’s last year, the US dropped an estimated 26,171 bombs [6, 7].

Considering the crimes and media coverups, we should probably read between the lines and do some thinking for ourselves when faced with the grim proposition of Covid isolation camps. When National Socialist Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao, and Pol Pot decided to systematically exterminate and torture people, they also covered up their intentions with disinformation. With this in mind, do you trust your government? Is your government somehow pure and honest and above board? Don’t bet your life on it.

What is the purpose of the Covid camps built throughout the Western World? As a direct result of 9/11 and Covid, many countries have enacted laws granting government the powers to detain people indefinitely, without trial or due process, and vaccinate people against their will. For example, even in small Denmark they have passed a law which gives government the power to forcibly detain citizens, isolate them in a hospital or other “suitable facility,” and also “forcibly treat” people who are – or are suspected of – suffering from a disease such as Covid [8]. If people resist, the police are called in. If governments around the globe have passed such laws, it is because they intend to tolerate no dissent.

Fig 1. Eisenhüttenstadt´s COVID-19 detention camp.

Germany is, of course, not the only country that is systematically establishing Covid detention camps. In fact, it appears to be taking place in the entirety of the Western world—Canada, New Zealand, and there are the notorious American FEMA camps which are found all over the US. It is difficult to assess whether or not they are also found in Russia and other non-western countries due to language barriers and secrecy, except China, which is well-known for having had concentration camps for years, housing various undesirables who are indoctrinated, or possibly enrolled in China´s alleged organ harvesting program [6, 9, 10]. The Chinese government has labeled the concentration camps “vocational training centers” and claims that the “vocational training” increases job opportunities and combats poverty [11]….

Ontario Parliament Shuts down Reps questions about Proposed Internment Camps across Canada

Texas ‘Deep Freeze’: Urgent Climate Warning but Not How You Think

In the unfolding extreme winter tragedy in Texas as well as many other regions of the United States not prepared for severe winter weather, a notable point is that much of the vast windmill batteries across the state, supposed to generate 25% of the state electric power grid, have frozen and are largely useless. The recent severe winter weather across not only the continental USA but also large parts of the EU, and even the Middle East, warrants a closer look at a subject that has been too long ignored by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, as well as by a new group of academics known as Climate Scientists. That is, the influence of our sun on global climate.

Cold Climate Change

On February 14 a record Arctic cold front swept from Canada far south to the southernmost parts of Texas on the Mexican border. The immediate impact has been power outages for up to 15 million Texans who as of February 17 remained without heat and electricity, as almost half the wind units were frozen and inoperable from ice storms, many permanently. Texas over the past five years has doubled its share of wind generation to the grid in a rush to adopt a green energy profile. With some 25% of the state electric grid from wind sources, almost half that is out of commission, many permanently, from the storm….

Grand Solar Minimum?

However there is a far more alarming lesson to come out of the Texas disaster. That states like Texas and countries across the globe are mandating trillions of dollars investment in Green Energy to create the UN 2030 goal of Net Zero Carbon by 2050, by turning to manifestly unreliable solar and wind to replace oil, gas and coal power, and even carbon-free nuclear power, is the opposite of what we need if solar cycle analysis is accurate. That flaw has roots in a several-decade campaign by the UN IPCC and political figures such as Al Gore and a lobby of scientists whose careers depend on ignoring the greatest factor affecting Earth Climate and climate change, one which is definitely real—solar cycles.

Unlike the computer models of the climate scientists which project a linear rise in Earth temperature as “manmade” emissions of CO2 rise, the unproven “Greenhouse Effect,” Earth temperature and climate changes are non-linear. They have been proven, going back several thousand years, to be cyclical. And CO2 emissions to not drive the cycles. If this is so, we as a human species could well be implementing policies which will leave great parts of our world totally unprepared and vulnerable to far worse and more prolonged climate changes than the recent disaster in Texas.

According to the US NASA, the planet just entered into a new solar cycle. They predict that the current 11 year solar cycle, known as Cycle 25, which began in 2020, “will be the weakest of the last 200 years.” If so that would put it in the time of what is known as the Dalton Minimum which went roughly from 1790 to 1830….