Witness at Capital Called Crowd “Overwhelming, Peaceful, Beautiful Crowd” – Media Still Won’t Acknowledge Voter Fraud

Below are the first hand accounts from three witnesses who made it to the US Capitol on January 6th.

Summary from the two witnesses who both made it to the top of the steps on the west side of the Capitol, to the police line:

  • “It was NOT a riot. The best description is a mosh pit.”
  • DID NOT SEE ANTIFA in this area – although there was an agitator with a bullhorn who the witnesses thought might have been a plant
  • Witnesses saw NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND among the marchers.  Nothing was thrown either.
  • Witnesses heard NO THREATS to the police. People were verbally demanding access to the public building to witness Congress’ actions.
  • Police had no megaphone, and no Public Address system. Police made no announcements.  Police did not tell crowd to disperse; police gave no warning of firing tear gas or using batons; police did not declare an unlawful assembly.
  • Police refused to talk with any of the marchers on the West Capitol steps.
  • Congress did not send any member or staff person to address the crowd. Given the good nature of the crowd, witnesses believe everyone on the West Capitol Steps would have held back if they had been addressed by someone – even saying, “Here’s what’s happening – we hear you – we are working on allowing some people into the gallery.”
  • Witnesses did not see any person in the crowd initiate any act of violence. Police initiated violence (clubbing protesters) without warning or justification.
  • Press was not visible. (This applies not only to Capitol steps, but to entire walk from Washington Monument to Capitol area – never saw the Press.) …..


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